Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 4

Day 4- Your Favorite Photograph of Your Best Friend

Ok here she is!

Just kidding. Although on days when I work from home and am alone all day she is there to keep my company. If my family allowed it, could seriously become a cat lady. I'd probably have 20 of them if I could!

Anyhow, here is a few of my favorite pictures of my actual best friend:




Ta da! It's my husband. I think when you get married your spouse ends up being your best friend by default. After all that is usually who you spend most your time with. Unless you have sisters or something I suppose. But I don't have any of those so, Jimmy wins. Yay he'll be so excited. He loves winning. :)

I do miss my other best friends. So I'll give some honorable mention to Megan, Audrey, Ashley, Debbie, Nicole and Carla. All these ladies have been there for me at one time or another and I miss most of them dearly. Except for Carla who I still see on a regular basis.

Anyway, back to my husband. I chose picture # 1 because I love that he is not afraid to be silly. Granted I forced him to pose like that for a picture. And at first he looked around at all the people walking by that would see him doing it. But he jumped to the lion pose anyway. He is never afraid to act crazy like me. He, I can honestly say does not care what people think of him and I admire that.

I chose picture #2 because it shows how much he loves our daughter. And how much she loves him. He has never been a sideline sitting Dad. He is in the trenches with me everyday and I love him for that. It will probably change when/if I am ever able to stay home with our kids, but for now we take care of her 50/50. When she is not at school. When Brynlee sees her Dad she gets so excited it melts my heart. I always knew he would be a great Dad.

I chose picture #3 because I think he looks hot in this one! He really is so photogenic. As soon as we went outside to take these pictures Brynlee spit up carrots on her white shirt. *sigh*. That's a baby for you!

That is my best friend in a nut shell. A very small nut shell because there is so much more to him. But I won't get into that now.

Lastly, get your tissues ready! Watch this and be amazed! It's on the LDS website but fear not my non LDS readers, I think you will enjoy it too.

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