Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm finding out new things in this Arizona heat. Like 118 degrees to be exact. Yes, that is hot. Now I think it's funny when Californians get amped up over 102. Here are some observations I've made:

1. Leaving a diaper bag with crayons in it in the car is not a good idea. It gets so hot that the crayons actually melted. Yes, melted.

2. Despite the soaring temps, you can still wear pants here. And boots for that matter. Every building I go into is kept at like 72 degrees. It's just really hot when I get into my car.

3. If you are swimming in the pool, leave your sandals in the shade. Leaving them in the sun and then trying to put them on is not a good idea.

4. How great is modern technology? God bless air conditioning, and anyone who makes it happen. I try to imagine people riding a horse or something in this weather. NO THANKS!

5. I think I'm going to be more tan here in Arizona than I've ever been in California. That is because when we are home we live at the pool. There is nothing much else to do to get out of the house. Fear not, we both wear plenty of sun screen.

6. I can move really fast! When it's time to get out of the car and go into the store/house/wherever it's like every man for himself. As soon as that air conditioning turns off I straight up run to whatever our destination is. Usually dragging ( literally ) Brynlee along as we sprint for relief.

Ok so it's pretty miserable here right now. But we are making it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Death of a Romantic

I was at work yesterday, working on a client. She was a pleasant lady with some serious 80's hair, but sweet none the less. My boss, a few stations over from me was working on a younger guy. I was eavesdropping on their conversation (as I'm prone to doing) and her the guy tell her that he and his fiance were taking engagement pictures later that day.

My first reaction was thank goodness I didn't end up with him, no pressure to do a good haircut or anything! My boss asked him where they were going on their honeymoon.

The guy replied, " Everyday is a honeymoon with her.".

Upon hearing this, I literally rolled my eyes and made a gagging sound ( Rude, I know. It just came out!). My client however oohed and ahhed and squealed about how romantic that was. I kept my opinion in check as much as possible, but couldn't help to wonder.

How long have these people been together? A week? A month? Honestly. I feel like no one who has been together any length of time would say that. I hate it when newly together people act like they have nothing that no one on this planet has ever had. That they are different than everyone else, when in fact they are like everyone else was at the BEGINNING of their relationships.

Then an even more disturbing thought hit me. When did I become so cynical? I think I used to be a romantic. Apparently I'm not anymore gauging by my reaction to this cheesy display of affection. Hmm. When did this happen? And why did this happen?

I'm married to my best friend. We have had good times. We've had hard times. Sometimes he so irritating the fact that I'm stuck with him for all eternity seems like a cruel joke. But my love for him is as strong as it was the first time I said those words to him. However our love is different now. Life, struggles, kid have come into the picture and now we are like old war buddies as well as two married people.

Is that what has turned me into a cynic? I'm not sure. Obviously at some point I grew up and realized that real relationships were not all roses and sunshine. Fun times and love notes. Everyday together is not going to be a honeymoon. In my mind at least. But that's OK. If it was sunshine all the time we would never appreciate the good times and not have a reason to work and grow as a couple.

Good luck to this young guy getting married. Maybe he was joking with his comment... although he didn't seem like it. Maybe everyday will be a honeymoon for them, great for them if it is. As for me ( and I think the rest of us?) we'll keep struggling, growing and learning together.