Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm finding out new things in this Arizona heat. Like 118 degrees to be exact. Yes, that is hot. Now I think it's funny when Californians get amped up over 102. Here are some observations I've made:

1. Leaving a diaper bag with crayons in it in the car is not a good idea. It gets so hot that the crayons actually melted. Yes, melted.

2. Despite the soaring temps, you can still wear pants here. And boots for that matter. Every building I go into is kept at like 72 degrees. It's just really hot when I get into my car.

3. If you are swimming in the pool, leave your sandals in the shade. Leaving them in the sun and then trying to put them on is not a good idea.

4. How great is modern technology? God bless air conditioning, and anyone who makes it happen. I try to imagine people riding a horse or something in this weather. NO THANKS!

5. I think I'm going to be more tan here in Arizona than I've ever been in California. That is because when we are home we live at the pool. There is nothing much else to do to get out of the house. Fear not, we both wear plenty of sun screen.

6. I can move really fast! When it's time to get out of the car and go into the store/house/wherever it's like every man for himself. As soon as that air conditioning turns off I straight up run to whatever our destination is. Usually dragging ( literally ) Brynlee along as we sprint for relief.

Ok so it's pretty miserable here right now. But we are making it!


Audrey Spence said...

I don't know how you do it. I hate even being in Southern UT in the summer. Our summers are bad enough up here. I'm not a fan of the desert even though I live in one. But I'm thankful for the other natural features that make me forget this hot dry desert! Oh and my a/c so I can be a hermit in the heat :)

Nanung Nur Zula said...

118 degrees, wow like on the desert