Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ready to Run!

Or toddle. Ok really waddle. Brynlee is walking walking walking and she is all over. So, last week I took her to places where she could run free!

Here she is enjoying a waddle at the park:

She is a climber. My mother in law called it. Perhaps because she has seen the signs before, 7 times over. Everywhere Brynlee goes now her leg comes up and she tries to climb.

And tries to climb in weird places. She could just go around to the other step, but nope wants to try to wedge her way in here. And she did. Eventually.

Needed to make a pit stop to try to remove her space shoes. At least that is what I think they look like. They remind me of an astronaut. :)

And after playing in the hot park it was time for a snack and some a/c at home.

Later that week, it was on to the zoo.

Where she did this at every animal exhibit:

At one point, she squealed so loud when she saw a mountain goat a lady behind us asked if an animal was making that noise. Nope, just my kid. :)

Discussing animal facts with Dad.

Lastly...seriously? How crazy are Koalas? My mind is boggled on how this can possibly be comfortable. Especially comfortable enough to snooze away.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Grass

Staycation is over, and I'm bummed! I had a LOT of fun. More than I expected to have really. We went to the LA Zoo on Friday, went to the pool a few times and went to the park a ton of times.

I went to the movies with some friends and even got some baby free time there. I saw Super 8. It was good, but scary! Really a lot scarier than I expected. I do not do scary movies well. But I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed getting out of the movie and knowing that I was free the next day and didn't have to work. That was the best part of all.

Staycation ended with a girls night on Saturday night. I love girls. Have I said that before? I think it's funny when girls say they get along with guys better. Really? Ugh. They are so gross... I've always been a girls girl. We painted our nails (including Brynlee's toes) and watched the Notebook. While eating chocolate chip cookies and lots of assorted junk food. Really you can't beat that.

Now I'm back and work and Brynlee is back in day care. Bringing her in today was tough. She didn't seem to mind, buy I minded. I miss her. It's so strange, when I'm with her all the time I complain when I don't get a break. The grass is always greener I guess.

Brynlee is walking all over the place. Conflicted about what kind of shoes to get her, I decided to be better safe that sorry and opted for Stride Rites. Oh boy. How can something so small be so expensive? Although they did measure her foot and watch her walk and make sure it was a good fit. Turns out she is a 4.5 and I was squishing her feet into size 4 shoes. I guess that explains why her feet were all red when I took off her shoes! Duh... Don't worry, I know what you are thinking. The fact that I'm responsible for someone else's life now freaks me out too.

Now she has some shoes that actually fit and doesn't seem to mind them too much. She still sits down and tugs at them a bit. And when she is sitting in her car seat she undoes the Velcro and kicks her legs all over until the shoes fly off. I had her in Target with me on Saturday and noticed she only had 1 sandal on. Sure enough if the other one wasn't sitting in the next aisle over. All I need is to lose one of those VERY expensive baby shoes!

Brynlee found a hair tie the other day on the floor. She walked over to me and held the hair tie up to her head. Ah victory! I'm not saying she likes me fixing her hair, but at least she has come to peace with the fact that I'm going to do it anyway! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun

This week it's staycation week! Meaning Brynlee is home from day care, and Jimmy and I are off. In case anyone was wondering, due to my fit throwing Jimmy wiggled his way out of scout camp. This is good and bad. Good in that Jimmy is home with me all week. Bad in that I learned that throwing a fit does work, and it does get you your way. I'm pondering on what I'll throw a fit about next. :)

Anyhow, yesterday my wonderful Donna (aka mother in law) watched Brynlee as she does every Monday. But instead of going to work, Jimmy and I grabbed some friends and went to Hurricane Harbor. So much better than work. In case you were wondering. I have no pictures from this experience on purpose. Me in a bathing suite sopping wet with a nasty fro is not good news. Definitely nothing that needs posting on the internet!

I've had bad experiences with water parks in the past. There isn't a roller coaster I won't go on, but I HATE water slides. So, one might think it's strange that I've been planning this trip to Hurricane Harbor since March. The truth is there is no where like a water park to get a great tan. And since being tan makes you look smaller and hides cellulite, well I'm all for that!

I made sure we went with another couple so Jimmy would have someone to go on slides with, and so I'd have someone to lounge in the lazy river with. So, yesterday I lounged in the wave pool and lazy river for about 4 hours. Yep, that is what my pal Chloe and I did. Lounge around while the boys went on every water slide in sight. I did go on 2 rids. I went on a raft ride with Jimmy. In hind sight that was stupid. Sure enough if he didn't rock the raft all over the place despite my squeals of terror. And flipped us over at the end when we came out. Oh but he didn't do that on purpose he said... right. For some reason when it comes to stuff like that I tell him I don't like it, so it makes him terrorize me even more. He was in the lazy river with us for 20 min and of course tried to shove me under and sneak up on me the whole time. He needs a little boy...

It was an absolutely perfect day. Perfect in everyway. Except that I did not get tan. I guess the 2 doses of SPF 50 waterproof sunscreen was overkill. But I've also gotten some of the worst sun burns of my life from water parks, so at least I'm not burnt. By the end of the day the bottom of my feet were in shambles. That whole system really is flawed. You either wear flip flops and have to carry them on rides. Or you wear those water sock things... no offense to those of you who sport those but no thanks! Can't do it. I'd rather have fried feet. So I did. Have fried feet that is. I spent any time out of the water running to shade and puddles to rest my feet in. Well I guess that is all part of the experience.

Today we took Brynlee in the pool in a baby floaty and she loved it. She did not want to get out. I have a feeling we will be using that floaty a lot this summer. Smart purchase on my part. Tomorrow is the mall, Friday is the zoo. The time in between will be filled with more trips to the pool and park outings. What a perfect way to ring in summer time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I was 6, we moved to Simi Valley. We had lived in an apartment building up to that point, and I was the only kid. My Mom promised me that I would have friends to play with when me moved. We looked at a few houses in Simi, but one stuck out like a sore thumb. When we looked at the house my parents now call home (and have for the past 21 years) a little girl was playing outside at the house next door. She was my age! Her name was Ashley, and she had glasses on with little hearts on them (it's funny the things you remember). Ashley told us there was another little girl who was six in the other house next door to her. Two little girls to play with!

Even though we looked at a few other houses, my parents decided on that one. Because they wanted me to have neighborhood kids to play with, for the first time in my life. We moved in on a Saturday, and I could not wait to go see if Ashley wanted to come out and play. Ashley and I became fast friends. And have been friends ever since.

Ashley moved to Nevada a few weeks ago. After living her whole life in Simi Valley. After living the last 21 years of it here with me. Due to conflicting schedules, and conflicting points in life I didn't get to see Ashley as much as I wanted to recently. But as she moved I couldn't help but have an overwhelming feeling. And then there was 1.

In high school, Megan, Audrey, Ashley and I faced the unknowns together. A new school, new teachers, all new people. New feelings, new boys, new girl problems to argue about. There were the four of us. We were together before school, together during school, together after school. And then Megan moved. And then Audrey moved. And now Ashley moved. Ironically to 3 different states. Come on guys, really? Could you make it any harder for me to come visit? Megan is in Arizona, Audrey in Utah. And now Ashley in Nevada.

And then there is me. And then there was 1... I wonder why I stay here sometimes. When so many others have left and moved on. And here I am still. I like being able to drive by my old elementary school. I like shopping at the same store I've shopped at for over 2 decades. I like it here. But it's more than that. I feel like I've turned into home base. People usually come back here to visit at one time or another. And when they do, I'll be here. If I wasn't here still, I would never get to see most of these people.

A lot of people cannot live without a beach. Me? Eh. I could totally be land locked, no problem. The beach is nice and all. Not that I get to it much. But all that sand in places. So not a good time.

So, if I ever move I guess it will have to be Colorado? That is the only place that makes sense right? I liked it there the week I spent there. Not a big fan of ongoing snow though...

Anyhow, my friends have scattered like dropped marbles on a tile floor. And here I am. If anyone wants to come visit home base anytime soon, you know where I'll be!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


On my way to drop Brynlee off at day care I drive by 3 schools. (an elementary, a Jr. high and a high school. How fitting).

That means it doubles my commute time because there are kids everywhere! I could go a different route. But I choose this route. Because I'm crazy and like traffic? No. Because I like to watch the kids going into school. Ok that sounds a little creepy.

But I like to watch the kids going to the elementary school. Most of them have a Mom or someone walking them to school, and I can't wait to do that. Or some kids walk alone looking to tiny to be able to do that. Their back packs look like they are taking over their whole bodies!

Then it's on to the Jr. High. Traffic is the worst here, because the kids are not old enough to drive yet. And must be too cool to walk because there are cars everywhere! Kids of all shapes and sizes hop out of the barely stopped vehicles and scurry into the Jr. High. I remember being that age, and remember doing that. It's such an awkward age, and believe me they look awkward. I look at these kids and don't understand what they are wearing. I guess I really am getting old. If you are a boy and your pants are tighter than mine, we've got issues. If you are a boy and your hair is matted down over your eyes so you can't see we've got issues. And you kind of look homeless. If you are a girl and your shorts could be considered glorified underwear, we have issues. But I like to drive by all the same.

Next comes my favorite. High school. I see kids driving their crappy cars into the parking lot with freshly earned licenses. I see kids walking to school (I guess that too cool to walk phase that attacks the Jr. Highers is over by this point). I see kids on the brink of entering their adult lives, with hope and fear in their eyes. I often wonder if I got out of my car, grabbed a back pack and joined them if anyone would think I don't belong. I don't look that much older than them right? Oh yeah I graduated 9 years ago... I might stand out. I remember the things I thought were important in high school. Stupid, stupid things. I wish I could go back in time and relive those 4 years. I would do it in a heart beat. I wish I could tell these kids this and actually have them believe me. Oh well, youth is wasted on the young.

Then I look in my rear view mirror and see Brynlee riding along. And I realize how much I've changed in the past decade. I bet you though my ride to day care would be boring. And, today I was even front and center for a fender bender. Never a dull moment.

I need to find some more friends. Particularly sports loving ones. While I work I like to have something on the TV in the background. Otherwise it's way too quiet and I can't concentrate. So I usually turn on Sports Center or E! news. The problem is E! then starts playing some version of a Kardashian show and I want to drive my pen in my eye. Even listening to them makes me want to take that pen I shoved in my eye and drive it into my ear too. So I've been sticking on Sports Center recently. However Sports Center just plays over and over again. Who knew? They must have it on a 24/7 loop or something. But now I'm well versed in any and every sports news tidbit there is. The problem is no one else is... darn. I have no one to talk to about my new found well rounded sports knowledge.

With every show in re runs now, I've become a sports watching fiend. I watch basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis. It's getting a bit nuts. Last night I dipped into my well stocked Jeopardy! vault and watched some of those just for a sports break.

I did read a really good book recently. "The Alliance" by Gerald Lund. It was phenomenal I thought and I read it in about 2 days. It really got me thinking and I like that. I would recommend it to anyone, LDS or not.

Brynlee now knows when I'm going to try to put a pony tail in her hair. And she high tails it away from me. I put her in her crib and she keeps shimmying along the railing back and forth. So her pony tail ends up in strange places. Sometimes I mean to put it on the side of her head. Sometimes i don't though and it seems to end up there anyway as she scurries away from me. I don't get how people get 2 pony tails in there. And with an even part and evenly space. Forget it. I'd have to drug her and tie her up to do that one I think.

I've continued to try to go running 2 days a week. Man I hate it. I really do. I still am not understanding why people do that for fun. I'm hoping if I keep at it I'll get to the point where I actually enjoy it. Maybe. It seems like a far fetched idea right now but it's only been 2 weeks. I do enjoy it for the first 30 seconds before I get tired. Then I hate it for the next 20 min or so. That hate to love ration isn't too bad right? Yeah. Maybe I need to find something else...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little Time

This past weekend Jimmy and I went away just the two of us. Well just the two of us and some of my co workers. We went on my President's Club trip!

We got a free 2 night stay at this beauty:

The La Costa Resort and Spa

And we got a $130 room credit. Which we proceeded to eat our way though. We got room service, we hit the mini bar, we ordered movies. We did whatever we wanted. And it was all free!

On Saturday we hung out by the pool for a while. Jimmy decided to go down this slide. I watched from the bottom. Water slides and I don't mix. It's too hot in those tubes, and when you fly out into the water your bathing suit goes up your butt. Meanwhile, the life guard is yelling at you to get out of the water so the next person can go. No thanks! But Jimmy had a good time.

What did we do with the baby you ask? Well, we stuck her in her crib with a few bottles and hit the road! Just kidding. Obliviously. My wonderful parents watched her for us, and showed her the time of her life. She seemed to have a blast.

All and all it was one of the best weekends I've had. A few funny resort facts:

- our breakfast that we ordered was $56. Yep $56!

- There was a phone in our bathroom and Jimmy thought he would call my cell phone from it. It went straight to voice mail because I did not have any service. But the phone call ended up costing $10!

- Our room had a huge bathtub. I took 4 baths in 2 days. You know how I feel about baths! And, I proceeded to eat a box of Jr Mints and drink a diet coke while in the bathtub. If you can't do that kind of thing when you are on vacation, when can you do it?

-They had a game room for kids. Complete with free ski ball, ping pong, basketball, xboxs and pool. We played the basketball game and I won. Yay!

Friday, June 3, 2011

One Year Old and Wiser Too

On May 22nd, Brynlee turned 1 year old!

In some ways it feels like this past year flew by. In other ways, it seems like I haven't slept in or had weekends full of "me" time in 20 years... it's an odd sensation.

Since Brynlee's B day fell on a Sunday, we had her party the day before. The weather was beautiful! I could not have asked for better.

Brynlee was very enthused about her first present. And did not want to get off it the whole party.

Uncle Robbie was a trooper and pushed her for a while.

She made out with quite a loot! That I had to help her open as she was hypnotized by all the pretty paper and bags. That's a baby for you. Just give her a bag and tissue paper and she is happy as a clam!

Tessa made her this beautiful cake.

Which she proceeded to devour.

And in the end it looked like this:

We shot some good video footage that I'll have to stick on here. When I' in a patient mood, which is not now. :)

Brynlee also got several books which she thoroughly enjoyed. A reader, just like her Mom. :)

All and all I'd say she had a great birthday. If she could talk I'm sure she would agree!

She now:

-Screams when she wants anything. Or is angry. This is not my favorite habit...

-Has taken a few steps here and there but is in no hurry to walk. And I'm ok with that. She will do it when she wants.

-Has become a picky picky eater. Ugh. The eating battle that will continue for the next 15 years I'm sure.

-Is getting put in timeout when she does something wrong. Not a long time out, but a short 30 sec one. It might seem early, but we can't have this little tiny tyrant running around all the time.

-Is too smart for her own good. She can almost reach our doors to open them. We don't have door knobs so we will have to find another method of childproofing. And knows what button she needs to push on the baby gate to get it open. If she was strong enough to push it she would probably be able to open the gate.

Happy Birthday Brynlee!