Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Light at the end of the Tunnel

It's there! I see it! Second trimester, please don't do me wrong. This week is week 14. Hallelujah. I'm not feeling 100% better yet, but I am feeling better. Thank goodness. Things were really bad there for a while! It's amazing how after child birth your body purges all those memories so you are actually willing to do it again. For me, the first trimester looked a little like this:

1. All pride in appearance goes out the door and around the corner. Seriously. I look like death, and have for quite sometime. I'm someone who usually has hair and make up done, tries to put on a decent outfit and such before I leave the house. Cut to me dragging ( literally dragging) myself to the store in my PJs ( likely at like 3pm), no bra and hair that hasn't been washed in a LONG time. Makeup, forget it.

2. I had to carry a survival kit with my everywhere. Complete with mouthwash, icy hot, a homemade barf bag and a barrage of snacks that did jack crap to make me feel better.

3. Careful meal planning must be done. Before I ate anything I carefully considered what it would look like coming back up again. I think I've puked up just about everything. Without too much detail I can tell you what comes up nicely ( like PB&J sandwiches) or what does not come up nicely ( like spaghetti...ugh). Luckily I'm not too scarred from food I've thrown up. If i never ate anything I threw up again, there would be no food for me to eat.

4. I was GROUCHY. Look out, angry woman on the loose. I still am kinda grouchy, but that's because I still don't feel normalish yet. I consider myself a pretty cheerful person usually. Well I haven't been recently. I was likely to bite someone's head off at anytime. Like when you read morning sickness remedies that say things like "open a window", or " take a walk."  Really?! That's the advice you have for me? Have the people that write things like this ever actually had morning sickness? It doesn't sound like it.

5. "Fetaling" is a new trend. At least that's what I call it. When I'm feeling awful I would say I need to go fetal. Meaning lay in the fetal position and beg for death to take me.

I'm hoping to keep feeling better and better, and be able to put the woes of the first trimester behind me!