Thursday, July 24, 2014

Something Sexy About the Rain

I guess it took me moving to the desert to really appreciate rain. I've always hated it. Hated it! I'll blame my hair. Rain and my hair do not mix. Humidity and my hair do not mix.

So growing up rain meant I was going to have a giant fro. Great. And it's usually cold and kind of miserable.

But here in the desert it's different. We get very little rain here, but when we do 95% of it is during the summer. Monsoons is what they are called. It gets really hot ( as if it wasn't already, LOL), then super windy and then boom. Down pour like no other. It's not the best if you are stuck somewhere because they are crazy to drive through. But there's something magical about warm rain. And it's an nice change of pace from the sunny skies we have allll year long. I know, boo hooo too much sun right? But it does get kind of monotonous sometimes. So when we have anything other than rain it's really exciting.

It comes on super quick, and then usually leaves just as fast. But it's fun while it lasts. A few weeks ago Brynlee and I went to go swimming the day after a monsoon. The pool man was cleaning the pool but he said it was OK to go in. So we were swimming around when the pool man fishes out a dead lizard right next to me. Ew. I guess it was like swimming in the ocean? Nasty. Monsoons wash all sorts of goodies into your yard. And your pool. And really make your car dirty like nothing else can. But besides that there sure is something sexy about the rain!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Doctor Doom

Claire had her 4 month old check up today. I was scheduling Claire's appointments for when Brynlee was in preschool but since it's summer off we all went. I swear Dr's offices must get their kicks from making people with young kids wait. You'd think they would want us out of there ASAP as a certain 4 year old was running a muck. But nope. We waited. And waited. Finally they called us back to the room, where we proceeded to wait some more.

Brynlee proceeded to wreak havoc on that room as Claire got fussier and fussier. I would have pacified her with her pacifier but that didn't make it into the car apparently. The Dr finally came in. Claire looks, average. Average I said? She has rolls on her rolls! But nope, 50th percentile for height and weight. The best part is, her lumpy head is looking much better! Pretty sure no helmet will be needed, yay! Although then it was time for shots. The Dr left and we waited for the nurse. And waited, and waited. I kept popping out of the office to make sure they didn't forget about us in there. I went to feed Claire and realized I managed to bring a bottle but no formula. I did not do a great job of packing the diaper bag apparently. Why did I give up breastfeeding again? Nothing like giving shots to an already grumpy baby. Brynlee continued to touch everything possible and speak at a loud volume only appropriate for outdoor sporting events. Claire fussed and fussed. I wanted to pull my hair out of my head. I was just about to say peace out, we'll come back later when the nurse arrived.

4 shots in chunky thighs later, I drug my 2 crying kids ( Brynlee was now crying because she fell off the stool I told her to stay off in the first place) out to the 100 degree car. I needed a really really really BIG diet coke. And a lobotomy. And a hysterectomy.

But we made it out to the car in 1 piece. I thought about how hard this was with just 2 kids...I picture my mother in law with 7 and the image is laughable. I decided Brynlee will not be attending any more dr appts unless they are for her. I'll find a neighbor or someone to watch her. I'll pay someone to watch her to not have to experience that again. Some kids sit quietly and read a book or play with a toy. But that is not my child. I told Jimmy what happened and his reaction was " So Brynlee was acting normally". Yep, pretty much. I'm not sure why I expected any different.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Product of My Raise

Brynlee likes pink. Maybe like isn't a strong enough word, obsessed is more like it. If it's pink, she wants it. I have to coerce her into any clothing color besides pink. She wants pink ice cream and pink candy, even though she always hates the flavor and ends up wanting to eat mine!

I think pink is OK. It's fine, but it's not my favorite color by far. I don't have a ton of pink stuff and I don't wear it very often. But like most little girls, my daughter loves it. Why? Why does she like pink so much? Is it because she has been surrounded by it since day 1? Toys, clothes, whatever. If you have a girl they have pink stuff because that is what the stores make. Pink for girls.

I started thinking the other day. Does she link pink because it's ingrained in her head to like it? If I'd never bought her a pink thing, would she still love it? I guess we'll never know.

I grew up with a Dad who likes two main sports. Baseball and football. He'll watch other sports on occasion, but those are his two. Number one being baseball.

I'm married to a man who likes two main sports. Baseball and football. He'll watch other sports on occasion, but those are his two. Number one being football.

I like two main sports. Baseball and football. I'll watch other sports on occasion,but those are my two.

See a trend here? Basketball, eh. I've never been a huge fan. But I wasn't raised with people who were huge fans. If I didn't' grow up in the house I did, would I even care about baseball?

OBVIOUSLY we are our own people. I wasn't raised Mormon, but now I am. I make my own decisions in my life and that's that. But the older I get the more I find how I was raised coming into play. I do things my Mom does, I say things my Mom did.

I really am  product of my raise. It's kind of scary sometimes. Because that means my kids will be a product of their raise. That's a lot of pressure on me to raise some great people!

Brynlee still talks about the post office incident ( refer to the postal meltdown post). Apparently I'm never going to live down the time I lost my cool and kicked the package while sobbing outside the post office. I'm sure Brynlee will still talk about it 20 years from now. I say things, Brynlee says things. I do things, Brynlee does things. I am being watched and copied. I'm not sure I'm such a great person to copy most of the time. I better step up my game!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Key to Hapiness

Eureka! I've found it. Yep, at the ripe age of 30 I've found what truly makes me happy. How lucky am I right? Some people go through their whole lives not ever finding what really makes them happy.

So here it is... are you ready...serving others! Yes!

Let me back up here for a second. If there is one thing we LDS people know how to do is help people. If it needs to be cleaned, we'll clean it. If it needs to be baked, we'll bake it. If it needs to be moved, we'll move it! Happily ( usually, sometimes not so happily).

When I first started going to the LDS church I remember one particular Saturday we were participating in a service project. We spent the whole day cleaning out a wash. Kids, adults, teenagers. All working together to clean up public space. Was I super happy about it In fact I remember several service projects where a certain friend and I did not participate ( I won't name her, she would be mortified). We actually sat around doing nothing while everyone else worked. Not my proudest moment. Ah what are the teenage years if nothing but one mistake after another right? Anyhow in recent years I've benefited from serving others and being served.

In all the times we've moved we've never had to hire movers. Including last September when we moved in 115 degree members came and helped! It's crazy. When we had Claire, church members brought us meals for 4 days. And they were good meals! It was such a relief with a new baby to not have to worry about cooking dinner.

When Brynlee was in the hospital with spinal meningitis church members drove 45 min to bring us dinner, to the hospital! So awesome. I'm still in shock that people did that.

I have a very special Aunt and Uncle who shower my family with presents. Clothes and goodies for everybody. It's like she's Santa Clause. Whenever I see a package from her ( which happens often) it warms my heart.

Being on the receiving end of service is such a great feeling. Almost as great as being on the giving end!

A lady in my ward gave birth to a still born baby last month. This hit me particularly hard as she and I were pregnant at the same time ( me with Claire). I signed up to work at a luncheon for the family and to provide a dish. As sad as the situation was, I felt incredible. That's when I realized it. Helping others makes me feel helpful in a world filled with horrible things that are out of my control. I can't cure cancer, or end hunger or end poverty. But I can do a little bit to help people that are suffering from these things.

Last weekend I was asked to participate in a benefit sale to help a neighbor. I've been selling bread to bring in a little extra money that we desperately need. It's actually going really well. Who knew, right? I was asked to bake bread for this cause and before I knew it I was agreeing to donate the money from my sales for that day. I got home wondering how that happened. I basically agreed to donate $100 that I don't have and could really use... what was I thinking? My attitude at times was not great I admit. But after I did it I felt so amazing! My neighbor was extremely shocked, and grateful. I realized if we wait until we have surplus to give, we might never give. At this point I'm thinking I might never have a surplus. I'm not sure it's in the cards for me. But if I kept waiting then I'd be missing out on these great feelings of self worth I get when I serve others.

Now it's like I'm completely addicted. Donating bread to manicurist who agreed to give a girl with cancer a manicure over there, donating bread to be auctioned off for a fund raiser for the phoenix children's hospital over there. If I see an opportunity I'm all over it like white on rice. I'm sacrificing time. I'm losing money. And I feel awesome! Try it people. I'm telling you, giving is not just for the holiday season. Give all year, be happy all year! Now who else can I give something to...