Thursday, July 24, 2014

Something Sexy About the Rain

I guess it took me moving to the desert to really appreciate rain. I've always hated it. Hated it! I'll blame my hair. Rain and my hair do not mix. Humidity and my hair do not mix.

So growing up rain meant I was going to have a giant fro. Great. And it's usually cold and kind of miserable.

But here in the desert it's different. We get very little rain here, but when we do 95% of it is during the summer. Monsoons is what they are called. It gets really hot ( as if it wasn't already, LOL), then super windy and then boom. Down pour like no other. It's not the best if you are stuck somewhere because they are crazy to drive through. But there's something magical about warm rain. And it's an nice change of pace from the sunny skies we have allll year long. I know, boo hooo too much sun right? But it does get kind of monotonous sometimes. So when we have anything other than rain it's really exciting.

It comes on super quick, and then usually leaves just as fast. But it's fun while it lasts. A few weeks ago Brynlee and I went to go swimming the day after a monsoon. The pool man was cleaning the pool but he said it was OK to go in. So we were swimming around when the pool man fishes out a dead lizard right next to me. Ew. I guess it was like swimming in the ocean? Nasty. Monsoons wash all sorts of goodies into your yard. And your pool. And really make your car dirty like nothing else can. But besides that there sure is something sexy about the rain!

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