Friday, September 30, 2011

My Picks

I'm going to bore some of my readers with some baseball jargon for a bit. But baseball is winding down and now is when things really get exciting.

After a meltdown of epic proportions, the Red Sox did not make it to the playoffs. This is the problem with investing your energy into something like this. It's totally out of your control, and it's really disappointing when it doesn't go your way. Like now. It's a strange feeling. Yesterday I was bummed all day, and I realized this is why. Because the media is mercilessly going on and on and on about the Red Sox meltdown. This is nothing new to Red Sox fans, but it doesn't make it suck any less. I guess there is always next year.

However, there are some other good teams in the post season. So now I will re direct my rooting for a few other teams. Below are my picks, based solely on who I want to win. These pick are not based on skills, or luck or talent. They are based on what I want to happen, and what I think would be fair in some cases. Let's see how close I get:

Rays vs Rangers: Such a conundrum on this one, because I like both teams. But I'll go with the Rays

Yankees vs Tigers: Is this even a question? Tigers, all the way. Tigers times 1 million. All I needed was a Yankee victory Tuesday night to give the Red Sox a chance to make it in the post season. And those stupid Yankees couldn't even do that. The one time in my life I want them to win, and the lose when they are leading 7-0 in the 8th inning. I feel like they did it just to spite me...I HATE that team!

Brewers vs Diamondbacks: I like both these teams too. But I'll go Brewers because they have never even won a post season division game. Ever! They deserve a turn to shine.

Cardinals vs Phillies: I don't like either one of these teams. But I like the Phillies even less, so I'll go Cardinals.

There they are! Now that everyone has probably stopped reading this post.

I had my 2nd test today in school. It was 89 questions, and I got 105% again! Woot woot! There were only like 3 of us that did that out of 28. I really studied really hard. Maybe it's because I'm more mature now, but I'm applying myself in my schooling like no other.

After I first quit my job I was worried that my decision would not make me happy. That I would still be un happy, but be poor too. So far, that is not the case. For the first time in a long time I go to bed looking forward to the next day. Looking forward to getting up and going to school. My biggest daily stress is what to eat for lunch, and how to try to make dinner with Brynlee wreaking havoc all around me. It's a wonderful feeling.

I'm so happy with my decision. And so glad I have a supportive husband who encouraged me to do this. I'm finding that since I'm happier in my day to day life I'm more patient with people. And my relationships are better with people. I took a chance, and so far so good. Yay!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The First of Many

We did our first hair cuts last week! On doll heads that is...

Remember when I said I have this habit of thinking that I'm going to be a natural and great at everything? Then when I try it and I suck I'm confused. Yeah.

My first hair cut went really well. It was a blunt cut, which is really easy in the realm of hair cuts. Then we had to do a 45 degree cut, which I had some trouble with but it wasn't too bad. On Friday we had to do a 90 degree hair cut, and disaster struck. Man it was bad. I was not the only one with a butchered doll head. But good grief. I can see why we practice cutting on doll heads! It was my first time, so I'm sure I'll get better. But as usual, I found myself disappointed in my performance. In my head I was going to be a natural at this because I like it. I really need to throw that way of thinking out the window.

I fixed up my poor butchered doll, so she doesn't look so bad now. But lets just say it will be a while before I start cutting any human hair, believe you me.

We had our first test last week too. I studied really really heard. I had Jimmy quiz me over and over again. And it paid off, because I got a 105%. Yep, 105%! I got all the questions right, and even earned some extra points! Wooo hooo! I'm sticking my test on my fridge. Yes I'm serious.

Some cracks are starting to show up in the friendship armor of my class. 27 girls all closed in together had to equal trouble. Nothing really bad yet, but gossip is starting to go around and you can tell there are some people that are starting to irritate others. It's going to be a looong few months of us all being stuck together if things continue this way. I'm doing my best to stay out of it. I'm 27, like I need to get wrapped up in he said she said drama.

I got to go to a wedding last night on the Queen Mary. It was soooo much fun. I loved it there! It looks like the Titanic right? And I'm obsessed with the Titanic. I want to go back there and just walk around the ship all day. It's supposed to be haunted, and I can see why. It was kinda creepy in certain areas.

Brynlee finally says "Mama" with some regularity now. It makes me really happy. I'm enjoying the extra time I get to spend with her these days. Most of the time. The other times she is in time out because she is being naughty and not listening. She is fearless. She must get that from her Dad. She is stubborn too...I hope she grows out of that. Otherwise we are going to have some serious trouble with her when she gets older. She is pretty funny though. She can now show you "1" when you ask her how old she is. And she can show you where her mouth, nose and ears are. If you ask her enough times she will show you where her belly button is too.

She has got teeth coming in like crazy. All over her mouth. I figured that would happen because up until 1 month ago she only had 2 teeth. Now they are all coming! But that opens up her eating choices because she can actually chew things now. Although her favorite things are still cookies, and anything anyone else is eating :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Life at School

Being back in school continues to be strange. I'm sure that will wear off eventually, but as of right now it's odd. My school is set up in 2 parts: The freshmen classroom, where we freshmen spend most of our time. And the salon floor, where the seniors all are. The salon floor is also where the clients that come to the beauty school get their hair cut. In order to walk to the freshmen room, you need to walk through the salon floor. On the first day of school as our class walked to the room no less than 20 seniors ( I'm not exaggerating here) commented on how large our class was. I remember getting a little irritated by it. Ok, I know we are a large class. Great observation. I'm beginning to understand why they were so amazed that there are so many of us. Because our class room is pandemonium. And chaos. And just a huge mess. I can see why the school normally only takes 20 new students max. With one teacher, and 29 of us it's a little rough. We all have huge kits, and books and bags and stuff is just all over. Yesterday we had to actually practice brushing on our doll heads. On a side note here, I'm constantly amazed at how there is a "correct" way to do just about everything when it comes to hair. IE brushing. Who knew? Anyhow, doll heads and people where everywhere. I'm sort of a hypocrit in that I'm a huge mess, but I don't like messes. If that makes any sense. I can be messy, but I don't like it when other people are. And other people's stuff all over my space really really irritates me. So yesterday was a tough day for me. I don't wish that the school decided not to accept all of us. Because I could be one of those people not accepted. I'd rather being crammed into a room and learning than not be learning at all. But I wouldn't mind a little space either. I'm getting used to inhaling my lunch in 30 min as well. I've learned to bring something that doesn't need to be heated. Because waiting for a microwave, and heating up food cuts down on valuable eating/relaxing time. I've learned that by the time I load up my baby, purse, book bag, lunch and kit all in my car it tacks on an extra 5 min to my commute time. I feel like a pack mule. Or a nomad. Or a homeless person. I've also learned that despite all this, I'm really enjoying school. Today we had to partner up and practice brushing, shampooing and scalp treatments. My parter worked on my hair today, and I'm going to work on her hair on monday. So, from 11 am to 4pm I got to be pampered. With the exception of my 30 min lunch. Not a bad way to spend the day! My partner has straight hair. I asked her if she'd ever blown out curly hair and she said no. Oh boy. I knew I had a treat in store for her! I bet she was cursing the day she chose me as a partner. At least my hair isn't that long. She actually did a really good job, all things considered. I was hoping once I stopped working I would be less tired. Nope! Still just as tired. Perhaps even more so. Which is odd to me considering I used to work 10 hour days and then have to commute on top of that sometimes. One last fun tidbit about my day. I was taking a break with two girls, and they asked me if I was Mormon. I was flabbergasted! I wasn't even wearing my " I am Mormon" name tag! Totally just kidding on that...but honestly I was really surprised. I asked them how they knew I was. They said they were both less active Mormons, and they could just tell. Still not totally convinced, I pressed them further. I mean we've been in school for 4 days, how do you look at someone and just pick that sort of thing out? They said I had that "glow". And I dressed modestly, never swore and was really nice. :) I took that all as a compliment. I'm still pretty impressed by their observation. But more than that, I'm proud of it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Says

Who says you can't turn back time? Well, I've got news. I found a time machine. It's called Cosmetology School.

Let me back up a bit. My last day at work was bitter sweet. I don't think it's really set in yet that I'm done there. It just feels like maybe I'm on a vacation or something. While I was super excited to start my new journey, it was sad to say goodbye to such good friends. Seeing as my office is not exactly down the street, I don't anticipate being able to make it there too often.

It's strange to not be on a computer all day long. It's strange to hear about a tropical storm, and not have to care. That sounds really bad. I do care about the people affected by it. But it no longer directly affects me, ie makes my life miserable.

As of right now, life is good with no job. We'll see if I still feel that way next month when I have no money. :)

My first day of school was nerve racking. But I'm friendly so I made a few new friends right away. One thing I've noticed about places like this is the lack of friendly people. The senior girls all give the new girls dirty looks and whisper about them. Really? We aren't past that already? I just smiled at everyone. They give me a dirty look, I just smile back. Two wrongs don't make a right.

We can't eat or drink in class. We can't even look at our phones. We get 1 15 min break and 1 30 min break. On the 15 min break we can't leave the campus. The first day was exciting, but a bit rough. I'm not used to having my time all mapped out for me like that anymore. I'm used to being able to snack when I want, drink when I want and make a phone call if I need to.

We had to write down our birthdays, and the girl next to me was born in 1993. She is 18, and 9 years younger than me. It's a bit odd.

But, there are plenty of older people ( meaning over 25) too. And everyone in my class has been really nice. And we got our kits today and there is so much fun stuff in there I just want to tear into it. We even got some really creepy doll heads with real human hair to practice on. I had to bring those home, and they will stay safely tucked into a box where I can't see them because they freak me out.

I get out of school at 4pm, which means I get to pick up Brynlee. For the first time in her life she gets really really excited to see me. I love it. I love picking her up, and when she squeals and runs over to me I could just die it makes me so happy.

I decided to take a break from pilates. Just for one session. I'm a little burnt out on it so opted to do something else. I'm taking a dance class called " Get Your Grove On". We basically just shake our butts for 1 hour. It was surprisingly challenging, and so much fun.

That was Tuesday. It was quite a humbling day. To go from a cosmetology school where I know nothing to a dance class where I know even less. But it was a rewarding day.

Despite the elementary school treatment, I love school so far. I understand why they have to treat us like we are 10. I'm sure someone along the way did something stupid and broke rules and now the rest of us have to suffer. If anything this will really limit my snacking and diet coke intake!

Tomorrow is the first day I get to wear my uniform. Black scrub pants, maroon shirt. Everyday. For the next year. Everyday. That is really going to take some getting used to. But at least I'll be comfortable. And I won't have to worry about what I'm going to wear the next day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now Introducing...

Things are changing rapidly now. My plan that I've been dwelling on for 40 days is finally coming into action. I think 40 days is too long to plan stuff. It's to the point now where none of it seems real.

Like at this time next week I'll be sitting in a class room. Jobless. It's crazy! But oh so exciting.

Part of this new plan was having Garrett, aka Bronco move in with us. Bronco is Robbie's good friend who was going to move in to the other room up stairs when we originally rented our condo. Well, Bronco is here! So now I live with 3 men... thank goodness Brynlee is a girl. And I have Mitzie too. So I guess we are even, 3 to 3. But my two cohorts don't really talk much.

The situation is kind of funny. It reminds me of the show Full House or something. 3 Men, a baby and a cat. And me. Bronco is fun to live with so far. Mitzie loves him and he loves her. She moseys up to his room and cuddles with him. I guess she is tired of being displaced by Brynlee.

Anyhow, I'm sure Bronco will make an appearance now and then in my blog. Since I live with him and all. Lives are bound to be intertwined.

Borders is just about done in Simi Valley. I went last night and picked through what they had left. It takes their books being 60% off to be a normal price! Perhaps this is why they are no longer with us. Books are so hard for me to buy. Once in a while I get a good one (ie Something Borrowed, LOVED it!). But usually if I just buy a book without a recommendation it's crap. Apparently I really can't judge a book buy it's cover. :)