Friday, September 16, 2011

Life at School

Being back in school continues to be strange. I'm sure that will wear off eventually, but as of right now it's odd. My school is set up in 2 parts: The freshmen classroom, where we freshmen spend most of our time. And the salon floor, where the seniors all are. The salon floor is also where the clients that come to the beauty school get their hair cut. In order to walk to the freshmen room, you need to walk through the salon floor. On the first day of school as our class walked to the room no less than 20 seniors ( I'm not exaggerating here) commented on how large our class was. I remember getting a little irritated by it. Ok, I know we are a large class. Great observation. I'm beginning to understand why they were so amazed that there are so many of us. Because our class room is pandemonium. And chaos. And just a huge mess. I can see why the school normally only takes 20 new students max. With one teacher, and 29 of us it's a little rough. We all have huge kits, and books and bags and stuff is just all over. Yesterday we had to actually practice brushing on our doll heads. On a side note here, I'm constantly amazed at how there is a "correct" way to do just about everything when it comes to hair. IE brushing. Who knew? Anyhow, doll heads and people where everywhere. I'm sort of a hypocrit in that I'm a huge mess, but I don't like messes. If that makes any sense. I can be messy, but I don't like it when other people are. And other people's stuff all over my space really really irritates me. So yesterday was a tough day for me. I don't wish that the school decided not to accept all of us. Because I could be one of those people not accepted. I'd rather being crammed into a room and learning than not be learning at all. But I wouldn't mind a little space either. I'm getting used to inhaling my lunch in 30 min as well. I've learned to bring something that doesn't need to be heated. Because waiting for a microwave, and heating up food cuts down on valuable eating/relaxing time. I've learned that by the time I load up my baby, purse, book bag, lunch and kit all in my car it tacks on an extra 5 min to my commute time. I feel like a pack mule. Or a nomad. Or a homeless person. I've also learned that despite all this, I'm really enjoying school. Today we had to partner up and practice brushing, shampooing and scalp treatments. My parter worked on my hair today, and I'm going to work on her hair on monday. So, from 11 am to 4pm I got to be pampered. With the exception of my 30 min lunch. Not a bad way to spend the day! My partner has straight hair. I asked her if she'd ever blown out curly hair and she said no. Oh boy. I knew I had a treat in store for her! I bet she was cursing the day she chose me as a partner. At least my hair isn't that long. She actually did a really good job, all things considered. I was hoping once I stopped working I would be less tired. Nope! Still just as tired. Perhaps even more so. Which is odd to me considering I used to work 10 hour days and then have to commute on top of that sometimes. One last fun tidbit about my day. I was taking a break with two girls, and they asked me if I was Mormon. I was flabbergasted! I wasn't even wearing my " I am Mormon" name tag! Totally just kidding on that...but honestly I was really surprised. I asked them how they knew I was. They said they were both less active Mormons, and they could just tell. Still not totally convinced, I pressed them further. I mean we've been in school for 4 days, how do you look at someone and just pick that sort of thing out? They said I had that "glow". And I dressed modestly, never swore and was really nice. :) I took that all as a compliment. I'm still pretty impressed by their observation. But more than that, I'm proud of it.

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