Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now Introducing...

Things are changing rapidly now. My plan that I've been dwelling on for 40 days is finally coming into action. I think 40 days is too long to plan stuff. It's to the point now where none of it seems real.

Like at this time next week I'll be sitting in a class room. Jobless. It's crazy! But oh so exciting.

Part of this new plan was having Garrett, aka Bronco move in with us. Bronco is Robbie's good friend who was going to move in to the other room up stairs when we originally rented our condo. Well, Bronco is here! So now I live with 3 men... thank goodness Brynlee is a girl. And I have Mitzie too. So I guess we are even, 3 to 3. But my two cohorts don't really talk much.

The situation is kind of funny. It reminds me of the show Full House or something. 3 Men, a baby and a cat. And me. Bronco is fun to live with so far. Mitzie loves him and he loves her. She moseys up to his room and cuddles with him. I guess she is tired of being displaced by Brynlee.

Anyhow, I'm sure Bronco will make an appearance now and then in my blog. Since I live with him and all. Lives are bound to be intertwined.

Borders is just about done in Simi Valley. I went last night and picked through what they had left. It takes their books being 60% off to be a normal price! Perhaps this is why they are no longer with us. Books are so hard for me to buy. Once in a while I get a good one (ie Something Borrowed, LOVED it!). But usually if I just buy a book without a recommendation it's crap. Apparently I really can't judge a book buy it's cover. :)

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