Monday, March 30, 2009

What the Word Needs Now...

On Mondays I always dress nice for work. Nicer than most other days. I figure Mondays are bad enough as it is. Looking in the mirror and seeing that I look like crap doesn't make that any better!

So today, when I got to the office someone told me I look beautiful. Ok so it was my boss is who is a woman. But still, it was nice to hear.

I got to thinking how nice it is to receive a compliment. From anyone really. I hold no bias. There are those you can tell who are doing it just because they want something from you. Those types of compliments I don't enjoy (since what they are saying is probably all garbage anyways), but all others are fine by me.

I love complimenting people too. The look that people get when you tell them you like their shirt, or that their hair looks nice is priceless. So I give compliments freely. If I like something on someone, I'll tell them. It usually makes them happy, and makes me happy for making them happy. It's a win win situation.

Whenever Jimmy and I get in a fight I make us take turns telling each other things we like about the other person. Almost immediately the angry feelings go away.

I think the world could use more compliments. How can you not like someone who is saying nice things to you? Maybe I’ve discovered the key to world peace…

On a different topic, I've also discovered a perk of teaching sunbeams. They actually want to be around me. Yesterday, a couple of them were fighting over who got to sit next to me.

Hmm... This is new. The other primary class I taught was 7 year olds. They were too cool to want to have anything to do with me.

But these 3 year olds are desperate for my attention.

That is until 3 minutes into my lesson when they start wiggling and stop listening. Then they are still desperate, just to get out of church rather than be near me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If Loving Bad TV is Wrong, I Don't want to be Right

As I was scrolling though the channels on my TV the other day saw a commercial for the premier of another Lifetime made for TV movie. Score! I clicked record and starting planning out when I would be able to sit and watch my movie.

Anyone who has seen Lifetime movies knows they are complete crap. The acting is terrible, the writing is awful and they are utterly predictable. Yet here I am excited about watching it.

I started thinking, and realized I've always had a soft spot for bad TV. Based on my excitement for Lifetime movies, it's clear I still have a soft spot. I watch The Hills, The City, the new 90210 and reruns of Family Matters to name a few. All of which are total junk. I can't plea the 5th and say I don't know it's junk. I know alright, I just like to watch it anyway.

I, along with the pre pubescent girls in America was super excited for the movie Twilight to come out. It came out on Saturday, and I've watched it 3 times already. Yes, 3. It's embarrassing really. I'm actually glad that Jimmy won't watch it with me because I know he would make fun of me endlessly for liking it. I remember after I saw it in the movie theater I left thinking “That movie was terrible, but I'll probably buy it anyways". And here I am (thank you Donna for buying it for me, as you can read it's getting it's use!).

So then I'm left wondering, why? Why do I waste my time watching such garbage?

I think it has to do with escaping reality. I'm watching stuff where the woman are always right, the biggest worries in life are what trendy restaurant to eat at and where hot men are chivalrous and do whatever you ask.

When it's put that way, what girl wouldn't want to escape to this place!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This weekend I had a lot to be happy about.

As promised, our 90 day 10% pay reduction was taken out of affect! Yay! There is no guarantee that it won't come back, but it's a huge relief to have things be back to normal.

My Birthday was on Sunday. I woke up and it was raining and freezing outside. Didn't we just have the first day of spring on 3/21?!

We had a bunch of family and friends over for dinner. It was typical Cuillard party. It was loud, it was crowded and it was chaotic. But all in all it ended up being pretty fun. Things didn't go exactly according to plan, but when do they ever? We ran out of something’s, had way to much of others and blew a few fuses (literally) in the process.

Yesterday I took a vacation day and man was I excited to not have to work! I slept in, I watched the food network while I got ready, and I took my time poking around the house. I went to the mall with some friends and we all spent way too much money, but had such a good time doing it.

Too bad every weekend isn't 3 days!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Age is More Than a Number...

As my 25th birthday is looming just around the corner, I can't help but reflect on my life up to this point. I've always considered 25 to be one of those monumental birthdays. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because when you are in High School they always ask you where you picture yourself when you are 25.

Man, it wasn't here that is for sure! While I feel like I have accomplished some very important things (marriage, school) I also feel like I'm behind on many others.

I haven't traveled anywhere. I thought for sure I would have been to Europe by now.

I graduated, but am working at a mediocre job that pays crap. I was much happier working at a fun job that paid crap.

I haven't really done anything to make a difference. I haven't run a marathon for cancer, or volunteered at a Nursing Home.

I haven't lived out of state, or even out of Simi Valley for that matter.

I don't feel anymore prepared to be a Mother than I did when I was 15 years old (I'm thinking for me I won't ever feel fully prepared)

And what is the worst about all this is that it's completely my fault.

So I'm left to wonder if I was over zealous when I cooked up these dreams and plans in my younger years or if I'm just lazy and didn't care enough to go after the things I used to want. I think it may be a bit of both.

On to a lighter topic...

In honor of my 25 years I was going to list 25 things you might not know about me, but I'm not sure I can think of that many so I'll do 10 instead.

1. I love bread. People who are close to me probably already know this, but I love bread just plain. I don't need butter or anything like that. One of my favorite things is a plain un toasted bagel, with no cream cheese.

2. I'm really weird about feet, mine especially. I don't like them to be touched. Pedicures are more like a torture device than an enjoyable experience. I can't stand un painted toe nails. I also can't stand it when my feet are dirty. I hardly ever walk bare foot anywhere. Even in my house, I'm always wearing sandals or slippers.

3. I'm a huge pack rat/slob, but am OCD with strange things. Like if there is a stack of books somewhere, and they aren't organized with the larger books on the bottom and the smaller books on top it drives me nuts. At the bowling alley I'm constantly moving the balls around in the ball return so there is an even amount on both sides.

4. I am desperately afraid of confrontation. Desperately. I'll do pretty much anything to avoid it. If I do actually stand up for myself and lose my temper I'll spend the next couple of hours pondering on whether I did the right thing or not.

5. I can watch Sex and the City (TBS version) over and over again. In fact I do, every time it's on. Poor Jimmy can even recite the episodes now.

6. When I’m nervous I hold my hands together in an odd manner. Jimmy calls this “nervous hand grab”. He can always tell when I’m uncomfortable with something.

7. I can get lost just about anywhere. Seriously. I am TERRIBLE with directions. I got lost going to the T.O. mall once. And yes, I've lived in Simi Valley all my life.

8. I can probably out eat anyone you see. And when I was younger, I used to. But since then I've learned to curve my appetite. But if I let my appetite go un checked, you will be astonished at how much I can shove in.

9. I am possibly one of the most un athletic people you've ever met. I've tried a barrage of sports, and sucked at everyone. You'd think due to the height and long limbs I'd be a good runner or something, but nope. I don't get it. I have decent coordination, so it's a mystery to me.

10. Lastly, my arms bend weird. I must be missing a ligament or something in my shoulder, because they do really strange things. I'm still trying to figure out a way to make a profit off of it...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Branching Out

I'm not an explorative eater.

At the deli by my work I get an Italian sandwich, with just meat, cheese and bread. The deli man calls it “plain and boring".

Ethnic found wise, Americanized tacos or Chinese food is about as crazy as I get. I never go to places that don't have cheeseburgers or a deep fat fryer on hand.

So the other night I went to dinner with some friends. They said the name of the restaurant, and it was some little place I've never heard of. When I got there come to find out it was Salvadorian food. Hmmm... Is that like Mexican food?

Everyone there was getting these things called pupusas. It’s like a quesadilla but you put this cabbage stuff on top of it and drizzle some strange sauce on top of that. I was way out of my element there, but thought I'd get crazy and live a litte. I tried the pupusas. Well, I didn't like it too much. But I tried it, and that is saying something (ask my parents, they'll tell you).

Today, I thought I'd get crazy again and tried a corned beef sandwich for lunch, in honor of St. Patrick's Day coming up and all. I have a co worker who used to live in Ireland, and she told me how to order it. Well it was actually really good!

Now I'm not going to get crazy with weird foods, but I'm feeling empowered by my recent ethnic food exploration. Does anyone have a particular type of food they like and would recommend?

I'm not looking to eat lamb, or duck heads anything but am curious as to what those adventurous people out there eat.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Books and Thoughts a Plenty!

I realized I haven't reviewed any of the books I've read recently.

So, I've read:

Jack and Jill, by James Paterson:
This is an old one. I didn't realize how old this book was until they made mention of Princess Di still being alive. So if anyone was going to read it, they probably already did. It is one of books in the Alex Cross series, and it was ok. Not great. But Ok. I've read other James Paterson books ( like The Quicke, that was so good!) and liked them, but the books in the Alex Cross series seem to lag until the last 100 pages or so. Yet I keep reading them though!

The Host, by Stephenie Myer:
I finally read this one. I was actually at Borders a few weeks back, and I had this book in my hand. I was about to buy it when I realized that spending $25 on about 3 days of entertainment wasn't really a good bargain. So I've been trying to find someone to borrow it from ever since. It was very good, and such a unique story line. It's not like anything I've ever read before. Stephenie Myer sure does have a great imagination.

Vampire Academy,( books 1,2 &3) by Richelle Mead:
Well, I think these books are meant for teenagers. However I absolutely loved them. All of them. These are the books that consumed my weekend. They are quick and easy reads, keep you entertained the whole time and leave you desperately wanting more. I'm going to dare say I liked them more than the Twilight series. Yep, I said it. I COULD NOT put these books down. Unfortunately the series isn't finished, and the next book doesn't come out until August 2009, so I have to wait until then. It's driving me nuts, only 5 more months to go! The hot guy character from these books, Dimitri Belikov makes Edward Cullen seem like old news. I find myself suddenly having a thing for Russian guys...

The book I'm reading now is lagging big time, but I keep hoping it will pick up! It's a Jodi Picoult novel and it comes highly recommended so I'm going to keep with it.

On a completely different topic, my computer at home makes me want to throw things.

I consider myself pretty patient, but my computer at home really pushes my buttons. To the point where I don't even get on it anymore. This explains the lack of pictures on here or on my facebook account.

Just trying to start up the internet at home is a 10 min ordeal. I used to think it was the internet connection, but Robbie has no problems. So it must be our dinosaur of a computer. I guess we need to get a new one. I keep waiting for the money tree on my desk at work (I do actually have a live money tree) to start sprouting dollar bills rather than leaves. So far no luck.

Not that the dollar bills would last long in my office of thieves. We've had a few incidents where things have gone missing around work recently. The lady I sit next to was selling candy bars for $1 each for her grandson's school. By the time the box was empty she was $20 short! Someone took 20 candy bars and didn't pay for them.

Yesterday I went to eat lunch to find it missing. Someone had snatched it right out of the freezer. It was crappy lean cuisine, not even anything good. If you are going to steal someone's lunch, at least take a good one!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ready to Run... or at least try!

The first official day of spring is March 20th, a little over 1 week away. However it is cold cold cold right now. I mean like 50 degrees cold (I know for those of out of state that is like beach weather, but for here it's freezing).

It wasn't even this cold in the dead of winter, but now when spring is on the horizon the weather thinks otherwise. I don’t remember if the groundhog saw is shadow or not, but it feels like we've got a few more weeks of winter to come at this point.

I'm so sick of the cold, and glad it should be coming to an end soon. The way the seasons work is genius. By the end of Summer I'm usually ready to die if I have to face one more 100 degree day. By the end of winter (ie now) I'm so ready to break out the flip flops and short sleeved shirts again. About 3 months per season seems to be just right.

Last night I went running. Yes, I went running.

I hate running but I felt inspired so off I went. I'm sure people are tired of hearing me complain about how out of shape I am, so I'll do it this last time and be done with it.

I just about made it of our condo complex before I was huffing and puffing. I mean people run 10k marathons. How do they do that when I can't even run like 1/8th of a mile without my lungs feeling like they are going to burst out of my chest?

As I was running it was dark out already. I realized this might not be the safest thing, me running at night by myself. Especially considering the fact that if anyone besides a 400lb middle aged man attacked me I'd have no chance to get a way. This being said based on my lack of ability to run fast or for any sort of distance.

The fact that I married someone who can run like the wind seems ironic to me. He's going to hate that I'm putting this out there, but when Jimmy was in track he ran the mile in 4 minutes and 56 seconds. Seriously. I think my fastest time was 8 min 56seconds and I was so excited that I'd made it less than 9 minutes.

One of the things I admire about Jimmy is his physical perseverance. I first learned this on fast Sunday. When I get home from church on fast Sunday I basically close my fast in the car on the way home and run straight to the fridge upon arrival. For me, going without food for a few hours is like the end of the world and my hunger is enough to cripple me.

Not Jimmy though. He is able to think past the hunger and remain calm when food is in sight. He has complete control over his body. When it comes to exercising, he pushes past the pain and just keeps on going. He doesn't let his body own him, he owns it. I don't know how to do that.

It seems like it might be more of a mental issue than a physical one. That's one more to add to my list of things to work on!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm the one they sell to

I always watch TV as I fall asleep at night (usually after I’ve begrudgingly put my book down). I flip around between Friends, Family Matters and country music videos. This has become my late night ritual and I love it.

However I tend to see lots of infomercials on at this time of night. Some of the things they try to sell crack me up. Who would buy some of that stuff? I'm not someone who normally falls into fads easily. Or someone who needs to have the next big thing.

Except when it comes to exercise gimmicks. Then I eat those up with a spoon. If I had a substantial amount of money I guarantee I would have bought and tried every one.

Like most women, I'm stuck in a constant body image battle. My goal is to one day look forward to bathing suit shopping. To get to the beach and strip down to my suit proudly. To actually physically move around on the beach and not just lie flat on my towel the whole time in the most flattering position possible.

So, when I see something that is guaranteed to give me a 6 pack in 3 weeks, I desperately want it. I've bought a couple of them and they now lay collecting dust under my bed.

I think about all the exercise things I've tried and it cracks me up. Pilates, Martial Arts, Yoga, step classes, trampoline routines. I'm keep trying these things hoping I will find something I actually look forward to doing. Something that I will keep up with.

My latest one is a big exercise ball (I'm sure it has a formal name, but I don't know what it is). One night I saw these people on TV working out on balance balls having a grand old time. I thought I can do that! The next day I went to Target and bought a ball, a work out video and a few other accessories.

I mean how hard can it be to sit on a ball and do stuff? Well, I tried my new ball. Let me tell you, it was hard. I did an exercise routine for 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes and I was dying. The next day my stomach was so sore I couldn't sit up in bed. When I laughed or sneezed it felt like someone was torturing me.

I'm hoping my ball will be the thing I stick with. But if the past is any indication I'll us it for a few weeks, maybe a month and then it will collect dust like all my other impulse exercise purchases. Perhaps the fact that I’m already seeing bathing suits in stores will inspire me…

Monday, March 9, 2009

Addicted, Again.

This weekend Jimmy was out of town and I pretty much did one thing the whole time. Read. I read, and read, and read some more. All Friday night, most of the day on Saturday and with the exception of church all day Sunday.

Yesterday I finished the first book in series, read the second one and got a good chunk done on the third. Today, my eye balls are on fire (literally) but I'm know that won't stop me from rushing home and picking up my trusty book again.

I'm sure most of you (especially you moms out there) are thinking it must be nice to have nothing to do but read all weekend. Well there in lies the problem. I had stuff to do. I just didn't do it. I read instead.

I've been contemplating on what's worse: A book that is ok but not great. You read it from time to time, but have no real urge to pick it up. Or a book that is so amazing you don't want to do anything else but read it. It consumes your life and won't let go, but in a way that makes you feel happy.

I've always been a big reader, but this is getting a bit obsessive here.

I remember all through school they would encourage you to read. They'd even give you mandatory silent reading time after lunch. So in my mind reading is productive, good for you.

But Jimmy brought up a good point. What is the difference between him playing video games for hours on end ( which I always give him crap for) or me reading my life away? I have to admit he stumped me because I couldn't really think of any. Except that he has homework to do and I don't ( HA! Finally a perk of being done with school).

I really need to gather up the will power to put the book down when it's 2am and I have to be up at 7am that morning. I know I'm going to hate myself later but I keep thinking just one more chapter won't hurt.

I laugh when I think things like that because I sound like a drug junkie or something. But I figure there are worse things to be addicted to than reading right? Fellow book worms, back me up on this one?!

Lastly, on a different topic this little girl in my sunbeam class said the funniest thing yesterday. The sharing time was on choosing the right. The conversation between me and the little girl went like this:

Gloria: I'm going to always try to choose the right.
Me: That's good Gloria, it will be hard but I know you can do it
Gloria: Some people choose the left, and I don't want to be like them.

It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about, and when I did I died laughing. I'm not around kids too much, but man they do say some funny things.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Peek Into my Occupation

The way I became a Travel Agent is kind of funny. I knew nothing about the job, but decided it sounded fun so I'd try to be one. Lowe and behold here I am. I jumped right in, not having done any research or anything. Probably not the smartest thing to do! Well, it's definitely not as fun as I thought! But when I think about my path to travel agentdom I sure have learned a lot. Here are few things you might not know:

1. Travel Agents and Airlines are NOT friends. We definitely have a love hate relationship. They need us, we need them. But that's about as far as it goes. They will give us these things called debit memos, which basically charges us money for doing something they see as illegal in our system. Some debit memos are only a few dollars, others are thousands. Either way they are not good to get!

2. English is pretty much spoken everywhere. I've had to call hotels all over the world, and can always find someone who can understand me. The English might not be very good, but usually enough have a conversation.

3. Some Airport codes make sense: LA is LAX. San Francisco is SFO.
Others make no sense what so ever: New Orleans is MSY. Orange County is SNA. Where did those come from?

4. It's not as simple as coach, business and first class. I mean seating wise on the plane it is. In that way a coach seat is a coach seat. You can't buy a “better” coach seat. But when it comes to selling seats on the plane there is usually like 6 types of coach fares you can sell, 2 or 3 types of business class fares and 2 or 3 kinds of first class fares.

5. There is an airline in Ireland that is debating on charging passengers to use the bathroom. I'm not kidding. They charge you for your ticket, your seats, your bags, your food and now to go pee too. I'm wondering what they will do if someone has to pee but has no money. Just tell them to wet the seat? I’d hate to be the one to have to clean that up!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank you Genes!

When I think about genetics is really blows my mind.

I mean why do you get some, and not others? I took Biology forever ago, and it was not my cup of tea so to speak so I'm there is an answer but I just don't know it.

My Mom has super thick straight hair; my dad has/had curly hair. He doesn't have much left anymore, but what is there is curly. So somehow I get super thick curly hair. I mean how does that work? I'm sure when I'm 80 and still have an extremely full head of hair I'll be grateful, but as of right now the sheer volume of it is a bit hard to manage.

I think about my future children and I'm sure like every parent hope and pray that they get all my good traits and none of the bad. I wish that I could make a hybrid child, the best of me and the best of Jimmy. Unfortunately I know it doesn't work like that.

Luckily I inherited my dad's super tough/strong teeth.

I haven't been to the dentist for...this is really embarrassing.... like 4 years! Yep I said it. 4 years. Mostly due to lack of dental insurance, but also due to sheer fear. I HATE the dentist. I've only had a couple of minor cavities, but the tools they use to poke and scrape, ugh! That scraper haunts me in my nightmares!

Then the scolding they give you about not flossing enough, or not brushing properly (I’m hoping I'm not the only one who gets those?). It doesn't matter how hard I work, I always leave with a lecture. It makes me feel like a 7 year old who got caught sneaking an extra cookie out of the jar.

So, this morning it was time to pay the piper. I had a dentist appointment and was nervous as can be. I was sitting in the waiting room and honestly just wanted to run away! But, after the poking and prodding I got some amazing news!

No cavities! Not one! I still can't believe it. I mean who doesn't go to the dentist for over 4 years, drinks diet coke like its water and doesn't have any cavities? He said my teeth looked good; my gums looked good, did a cleaning, polished me up and sent me on my way.

Obviously my inherited strong resilient teeth had something to do with this. There is one trait I lucked out on!