Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Birthday and a Date

Someone turned 4! Where oh where has the time gone? I think about how different my life was 4 years ago. How different I was 4 years ago. Then I think about how different things will be 4 years from now...when I'm gulp...34? Ugh.

Here are some highlights from the birthday girl's big day:

Riley came over and played for a little while. The girls enjoyed a tea party with watermelon and graham crackers.

Tea set courtesy of my Aunt Lynne. I don't even know why we bother putting that back in the box, it gets used everyday multiple times a day!

Brynlee's new shirt from her "aunt" Carla. It's pink so of course she LOVED it and had to put it on right away

Aww some sister love! Can't wait to watch these two grow together. 

On Saturday Jimmy and I had a babysitter. I'm not comfortable leaving Claire with a 16 year old quite yet, so we took Claire with us and off we went. But where did we go? Hmm. Turns out it's hard to figure out something to do when you are short on funds but have a baby and have 4 hours of time. We ate dinner, and that took up all of like 30 min. So, I pulled out an old pastime of mine and Audreys. We hit up the Goodwill. 

Our mission, should we choose to accept it: Find the ugliest things possible. Let's just say mission accomplished.

Jimmy of course had to check out the tie rack  and dig for treasure, aka uglier than sin ties.

Disc man anyone? I could't believe the old stuff they had there. Corded home phones, tape players. Even a bunch of cameras that actually take film. It was like walking into a time capsule.

Despite our odd way to spend a Saturday night, Claire seemed to enjoy it.

I think I won right here. Check out this jacket. Coming at you straight from the 80's ( or perhaps early 90's?). Complete with shoulder pads and all. 

We did end up buying a new copy of the Little Mermaid for Brynlee since she broke the one she has. And I bought a book. Our grand total was $3.00. So was it the most ideal way to spend a date night? No, not exactly. But we did have some fun. And some good laughs.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hey it's Thursday! And I'm thankful! Today, I'm thankful for my car. Oh Sophia. You've done me so proud. Bless that car's heart it is OLD. 12 years to be exact. And she is tired. Moving to Arizona has really aged her, and she is looking her years these days. We are currently using our garage as a workshop/storage, but I want to clear it out...ok have Jimmy clear it out ( I'm not meant for manual labor) so I can park in there during the summer. That'll give Sophia some rest from the blazing Arizona sun.

But, I'm thankful for my car none the less. It works. And that's all that I really need right now. Once we get rid of Jimmy's seemingly never ending car payment we can explore options of putting Sophia out to pasture. She has served her time. But she is in pretty decent shape all things considered and is still chugging along 12 years later. A lot of families have to survive with one car, which would be such a nightmare. So while she makes a funny noise sometimes when I start her, and the air conditioning is not the best ( which is really inconvenient right about now) I'm thankful for my car. Keep on dancing old gal, Mama loves you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2 Months and Counting

Someone turned 2 months!

She is now 11.3 lbs. The Dr said she looks good...except for her lumpy head. Ugh. I keep trying to get her to lay on the other side but she is stubborn so looks like I'll have to take more drastic measures. Her Dr said at her 4 month check up if her head is still flattish on one side we'll discuss the helmet option. My mission: to not get to that point.

She got her first shots today...never my favorite. I was lucky that Jimmy took Brynlee to get her first shots so I didn't have to be there. I did have to watch Brynlee get multiple IV's and 2 spinal taps though so I think I paied my dues there. Claire did really well. I think it helps that she has chunky thighs. She was not to happy to be poked, but seemed fine a few minutes later.

As for me 2 months post postpartum I'm feeling pretty good. Still seem to cry at the drop of the hat. Unfortunately. Ready for that feature to go away. And I still have pregnancy brain. But other wise I'm doing well. I'm 8 ish lbs ( depends on what time of day I weigh myself, LOL) away from my pre pregnancy weight and am actually able to SQUEEZE myself into some of my bigger pre pregnancy jeans. I'm packed in there though, believe me. I started taking a Zumba class again- by myself. Looks like when it comes to Zumba I'm destined to be a lone rider. Which is OK with me, less people I know to look like a complete idiot in front of. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Somewhere along the line it became hard to make friends. I've never had this issue in the past. Not to toot my own horn, but I usually get along with people pretty well and make friends easily. It's one of the positive traits of being a perpetual people pleaser.

But since moving here I've had some issues making friends. I made some friends when I worked at Supercuts, but have kind of fallen out of contact with them. You'd think since I live in a neighborhood filled with people my age ish I would have to be beating people off with a stick. But no, not the case.

Once you are married and have kids the friendship dynamic changes. Ideally you find someone that you really get along with, that has kids that your kids get along with and that has a husband your husband gets along with. It's like asking lightening to strike 3 times! I've found myself really trying to make friends with people. Like sitting here thinking of excuses to go talk to certain people to try to plant the seeds of friendship. It's hard when you are the new person coming into an already well established ring of people. They aren't desperate for a new friend the way that I am, and it's actually kind of pathetic how hard I've tried.

Well I'm desperate no more. I decided the other day that I'm having to try WAY to hard. It shouldn't require this much effort to become friends with people. I feel like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed when she is desperately trying to become friends with the popular kids...and no one wants to feel like Josie Grosie ( If you have not seen this movie I insist you stop reading and run to your nearest Redbox and rent it immediately). Long story short, I'm done. Not done trying to make friends. Just done trying so hard. I did a craft fair on Saturday and made a new friend in a matter of minutes. We sat and talked the whole time, and I actually had fun despite the dismal customer turn out. I realized, this is how making friends should be. Effortless, not full of effort. It it happens, great, if not then oh well. I shouldn't have to force myself on people to become friends with them.

I already have a best friend anyway. She is short, dramatic and full of attitude. But I love her and we spend all our time together. There is quite a gap in our ages but whats a few years between friends? So, to my best friend Brynlee. May we be buddies for life!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jinx! You Owe me a Good Night's Sleep

So I totally jinxed myself. By talking about how great Claire is, and what a good sleeper she is. Well she is still great. Good sleeper however...not so much.

A switch flipped and suddenly she wants to eat every two and half hours. Not the end of the world during the day, but it is the end of the world at night. Ah! I'm tired. I'm hoping she is just going through a growth spurt and that this phase will not last long.

I forget how little she is. Not only is she not supposed to be sleeping through the night ( from an anatomical stand point) but it's nuts for me to expect her to. It's the hopes of a sleep deprived woman coming out, that's all. I would like to go back to waking up to feed her just once a night though.

I packed away all my newborn clothes, and it made me sad. I never thought I would be one of those, but it is really sad! If we decide to have another child, (please dear Lord let it be a boy otherwise Jimmy will go steal one) and it is a boy those newborn clothes won't be worn by one of my kids again.

Watching children grow up is such a mixed bag of emotions. It's exciting to see the new things they can do and to be able to stand by as they become little people. But it's sad to see the kids that they once were being left behind.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Odd Thing to be Thankful For

Today, I'm thankful for Summer. I know, crazy right?

Well summer DOES suck around here. There is no denying it. But, since I can't avoid it I might as well try to be positive about it. So, here are some things about Summer that I am thankful for:

1. No socks, like ever. Less laundry, and if you are me less socks to lose.
2. S'mores. Mmmm. I love s'mores. Brynlee and I just made some over a candle.
3. The 4th of July. While it is un bearably hot here, the 4th of July is still one of my very favorite holidays.
4. Tan lines. Especially on little girls and on little girl bums.
5. My hair dries in about 2 min. For someone who has a ton of hair it's nice that it doesn't take 3 hours to dry!
6. Here, when you get out of the shower you don't feel cold. I hate getting out of the shower in the winter time and being freezing. Not much of an issue in summertime around here
7. LONG days. It's nice when Jimmy gets home and the sun is still out.
8. For about a month the pool feels wonderful. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right and great for swimming
9. The smell of sun tan lotion.
10. My big tub of coconut oil stays liquid, which makes it so much easier to use.

Bring it on Summer, I'm ready for you!