Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2 Months and Counting

Someone turned 2 months!

She is now 11.3 lbs. The Dr said she looks good...except for her lumpy head. Ugh. I keep trying to get her to lay on the other side but she is stubborn so looks like I'll have to take more drastic measures. Her Dr said at her 4 month check up if her head is still flattish on one side we'll discuss the helmet option. My mission: to not get to that point.

She got her first shots today...never my favorite. I was lucky that Jimmy took Brynlee to get her first shots so I didn't have to be there. I did have to watch Brynlee get multiple IV's and 2 spinal taps though so I think I paied my dues there. Claire did really well. I think it helps that she has chunky thighs. She was not to happy to be poked, but seemed fine a few minutes later.

As for me 2 months post postpartum I'm feeling pretty good. Still seem to cry at the drop of the hat. Unfortunately. Ready for that feature to go away. And I still have pregnancy brain. But other wise I'm doing well. I'm 8 ish lbs ( depends on what time of day I weigh myself, LOL) away from my pre pregnancy weight and am actually able to SQUEEZE myself into some of my bigger pre pregnancy jeans. I'm packed in there though, believe me. I started taking a Zumba class again- by myself. Looks like when it comes to Zumba I'm destined to be a lone rider. Which is OK with me, less people I know to look like a complete idiot in front of. :)


Audrey Spence said...

I think you did pay your dues! I would have hated to see my kid go through that. Am I a heartless mom for not getting upset when my kids get shots? It really doesn't bug me. Maybe both of them having jaundice and having to get blood drawn so much as newborns made me immune. Or maybe I am heartless? Haha!

Sarah said...

Here's another thing we found. I actually decided to go with this verses the Tortle after reading amazon reviews: