Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Somewhere along the line it became hard to make friends. I've never had this issue in the past. Not to toot my own horn, but I usually get along with people pretty well and make friends easily. It's one of the positive traits of being a perpetual people pleaser.

But since moving here I've had some issues making friends. I made some friends when I worked at Supercuts, but have kind of fallen out of contact with them. You'd think since I live in a neighborhood filled with people my age ish I would have to be beating people off with a stick. But no, not the case.

Once you are married and have kids the friendship dynamic changes. Ideally you find someone that you really get along with, that has kids that your kids get along with and that has a husband your husband gets along with. It's like asking lightening to strike 3 times! I've found myself really trying to make friends with people. Like sitting here thinking of excuses to go talk to certain people to try to plant the seeds of friendship. It's hard when you are the new person coming into an already well established ring of people. They aren't desperate for a new friend the way that I am, and it's actually kind of pathetic how hard I've tried.

Well I'm desperate no more. I decided the other day that I'm having to try WAY to hard. It shouldn't require this much effort to become friends with people. I feel like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed when she is desperately trying to become friends with the popular kids...and no one wants to feel like Josie Grosie ( If you have not seen this movie I insist you stop reading and run to your nearest Redbox and rent it immediately). Long story short, I'm done. Not done trying to make friends. Just done trying so hard. I did a craft fair on Saturday and made a new friend in a matter of minutes. We sat and talked the whole time, and I actually had fun despite the dismal customer turn out. I realized, this is how making friends should be. Effortless, not full of effort. It it happens, great, if not then oh well. I shouldn't have to force myself on people to become friends with them.

I already have a best friend anyway. She is short, dramatic and full of attitude. But I love her and we spend all our time together. There is quite a gap in our ages but whats a few years between friends? So, to my best friend Brynlee. May we be buddies for life!

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Audrey Spence said...

Amen... I gave up a long time ago :)