Thursday, February 27, 2014

Time to Tour

A few days ago I started getting really uncomfortable. Not just like 3rd trimester uncomfortable, but like even more so. I had a Dr's appt yesterday, turns out I'm dilated to a 2 or 3. Yay!!!!!! Baby is head down, ready to go. Like her head is sitting on my pelvis and my Dr could feel it when he checked me. And boy do I feel it. My back is killing me, and I'm waddling big time. We are moving in the right direction!

He told me that even if I don't go into labor on my own in the next few weeks, I'll be ready to be induced by then. Thank goodness. No 10 day overdue baby for me! Hopefully. I knew something felt different, but I was surprised that I went from a 0 to a 3 in a week. Surprised in a good way. Shouldn't be too long now. Which is exciting, yet scary. Still no hospital bag packed...I'm planning on waddling my way up the stairs to pack that after I finish this. 

We had planned on doing a hospital tour since I'm delivering at a hospital I've never been to. But they only do tours Monday through Friday and we never got it together. So I decided to go take a peek after my Dr's appt. That way at least one of us knows where we are going! They were super nice and showed me all around. Its so different than Kaiser was. I get my own room, and it's big! I really think I'll have a good experience there. And I get a menu to order food from. I'm really excited about that. Probably more than I should be, LOL.  The only negative is that it's about 25 min from our house, but that is where my OB delivers so 25 minutes we will go. If I was still living in CA I'd have to drive 45 min to Kaiser anyway.

I find myself wanting to get another animal. I know that's crazy. It's nuts. That's why I haven't done it. But this nesting thing is getting to me and I want a baby something already. I keep seeing kittens for adoption on Facebook and it takes all my willpower to skip on past the post. If I brought home a kitten now it would be a colossal mistake, and Jimmy would KILL me. Mitzie probably would too. I think she likes to run the show around here. 

Speaking of Mitzie, she has slept on my feet for the past almost 5 years. I hate it, but I love her so I let her stay there. I now sleep with a gigantic pregnancy pillow. It's huge. It took a little getting used to, but now I really like it and don't know how I didn't use one of those when i was pregnant with Brynlee. But once the big pillow came out, Mitzie migrated over to someone else's feet. Ha! If I'd known a big pillow would have moved her over there I'd have gotten it out years ago. Jimmy had a talk with her the other day about how she could actually sleep in the middle of the bed, in between our feet. She blinked at him. And then wound up right on his feet again. LOL. She fits right in with this family, that is for sure!

Fun Fact:

The world's population spends 500,000 hours a day typing internet security codes!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Pack a Bag

2 weeks and a few days! Until my due date anyhow. Since Jimmy just had a cousin deliver 10 days ( yes, 10 days. 10!!!) after her due date I'm not holding my breath over here. I was induced with Brynlee a week early, but up to that point she was showing NO signs of coming. So I'm not sure what to expect here.

Just waiting. That is probably the worst part. I'm a planner, I like to plan ahead. And this is one thing you can't plan. We are just about ready for the baby to come. Except I haven't packed a hospital bag. I'm having issues with this. I keep thinking I need to do it, and then am not sure what to pack. What if I don't deliver for another 4 weeks, then I'll need to use everything in my bag. And I need to pack a bag for Brynlee too. But I don't know how long she'll be staying somewhere, so...I just avoid the issue and pack nothing. Surprise, me avoiding something.

I didn't have the packing bag problem when I was pregnant with Brynlee. But I just keep staring at my empty duffel bag. And freak out and then throw it back in the closet, LOL.

Somehow there are things with this baby I hadn't thought of until recently. I've had a LONG time to think of all the possibilities, but I got hit with a new one the other day. I read a blog where a Mother was talking about having her 2nd child. And how she was afraid it would change her time with her first child. Their trips to Target together, their time to play together. All that was going to change.

WOW. This came as a revelation to me. For the past 4 years, it's just been Brynlee. And for the past 7 or so months, it's just been Brynlee and me. And in a few weeks (or so) it won't be like that anymore. And won't ever be like that again, unless we make special just Brynlee and me time. It's kind of sad. And scary. And exciting all at the same time. Along with a ton of other things that are sad, scary and exciting all at the same time. Yikes!

So here's to two more weeks ( hopefully, fingers crossed) of being pregnant. And here's to the many changes coming up. And here's to me making my 50th attempt to pack a bag...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Olympic Sized Conflict of Interest

So I've caught Olympic fever. I watch every night, and get really excited when it's time for the Olympics to start. I'm going to be in trouble next week when they are over and I have nothing to watch!

I've noticed a trend though that peeves me a bit. It seems that a large majority of the athletes train in the US. Often times side by side with our own athletes. In some cases, they even have the same coach. Really? How is it possible to be training with your opponent. Or even worse have your opponent being trained by the same person you are, right next to you!

I'm all for camaraderie between countries, don't get me wrong. But can't these athletes train in their own country? Or if they are going to train here, represent the USA. It's like they use our facilities, and then beat us at the Olympics. 

Not surprisingly Russia is pretty serious about these games. The male Russian ice skater who did not skate due to a back injury was called an "invalid" by a Russian politician. They are not messing around over there! There was a couple I saw during ice dancing the other night who was not from Russia. I can't remember where they are from, ( shocking, I know) but they are not Russian. However they had trained in Russia for a while. As the Olympics approached, Russia kicked them out and told them they could not train in their country anymore. And guess where they came to train instead. Yep, here. It seems like that is a little harsh on Russia's part, but I see where they are coming from.

What really bugs is when athletes like hockey players are playing for professional teams here in this country. But when the Olympics come they want to represent their own country. I see wanting to represent your hometown. I really do. But I can't help feeling a bit used by all these people.

Our training facilities and money are good enough for your to partake of. But when it comes to actually giving back to this country, they don't want to do it. To be honest I'm not really that educated about it. I'm sure that they have to pay to train here or something. So maybe by training here they are stimulating the economy a smidgen. Either way. Lets save the best for our athletes I say!

On a different topic, to anyone who has enjoyed my pregnancy brain moments I had yet another one the other day.

I was at the park with some girls in my neighborhood. I'm desperately trying to make friends with the people that live near me so I have someone besides Brynlee to talk to. I saw them at the park with their kids so I shelved my shyness and went over there too. As I was talking to a girl the conversation went like this:

Girl: I had a fortune teller told me I was going to die at 40 once. At least I have 11 more years.
Me: Oh so you are 31 then?
Girl: No...I'm 29
Me: Oh yeah, sorry. Clearly I can't add....

Ahhh! So embarrassing. Why brain why? I was never good with math in my head before,but really? I'm sure all the new people I've met while living here think I'm dumb as a box of rocks. Please brain, come back to me!

Lastly, I'm starting a new blogging tradition. My Aunt send me a book of interesting facts. What a great present! There are some really good ones in there. So, at the end of each blog post ( if I can get my firing on less than all cylinders brain to remember) I'm going to post one. 

Interesting Fact:

"The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world in a lifetime." 

Friday, February 14, 2014

An Apology to my Possesions

Dear Stuff,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I haven't always taken care of you the way I should. I may have used and abused you before, but I feel like as I've gotten older I've done a better job.

And then I brought another person into this world who seems to make a hobby out of getting into you and putting you through the ringer:

To my couch that is brand new and gets jumped on constantly, even when I tell a certain someone not to.

To my brand new living room carpet that is constantly covered in crumbs, despite my best efforts to keep a certain messy eater off you. Let's not bring up the whole spilled strawberry milk incident. That is still to fresh in both our minds

To my book light that is now bent into an odd position and can no longer be used.

To my beauty blender ( which for those who don't know is a very EXPENSIVE, yet awesome make up sponge) that got covered in permanent marker.

To my space heater that no longer works. I'm not sure what happened to you, but I know who happened to you.

To my crafting ribbon that met with a pair of scissors way before your time.

To my poor walls. Crayon, marker, boogers ( yes boogers) seem to always find their way out of a certain someone's hands and on to you. Repeatedly.

I apologize. And bear some bad news I'm afraid. Soon another one of these wreakers of havoc will be entering the world. You have a little bit of time before that one will discover how fun it is to destroy you. But not much. Get ready to be double teamed.



PS I know based on this it sounds like I NEVER watch my kid! But she is smart and she is crafty. She uses stools/chairs/anything to climb up and get things down ( like permanent markers!!!!!) that were purposely put out of reach.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

You Spin Me Round

This baby of mine is quite the mover! I remember Brynlee moving about, but not like this. Brynlee's kicking was more of an annoyance. This is painful! This baby is beating me up, seriously! At my lovely weekly Dr appt I asked the Dr if he could tell what position she was in because she is kicking me in places I've never been kicked before. She is head down already, and on her side a bit. So her legs are on my right side. Which makes sense because she's always kicking those things and the side of my stomach juts out in odd shapes.

I'm not ready to have the baby yet, but I'm so done being pregnant it's not even funny. I wish there was a baby limbo where she could go for the next 4 weeks so I could catch up on my sleep since I'm not getting any. And maybe get some energy back before I'm trying to wrangle a newborn.

I've decided I'm going to try breast feeding again. I had such a HORRIBLE experience with it with Brynlee that just typing that sentence kind of makes me want to cry. But I'm older and wiser now. I know the mistakes I made and hopefully it will go better this time. If it doesn't work I'm not going to beat myself up about it, but I'm really going to try. I wish I was one of those people who took to breastfeeding easily. Maybe this baby will have a better latch and it will be great. Maybe? Hopefully?

4 more weeks, and no signs of labor yet. At least I don't think. It's hard to judge. I'm wondering if sometimes what I'm thinking is a really painful kick is actually a braxton hicks contraction. Since I was induced with Brynlee I'm not really sure what to look for and it's scary! But I feel in my gut that this baby is going to stay right where she is until someone evicts her. I had Brynlee at 39 weeks and until that point she showed NO sign of leaving anytime soon. I didn't even have any braxton hicks with her.

Thanks to some awesome family members we are just about ready for her to come, when she decides to make her appearance. I had a list of things I needed, and now it's just about widdled down to diaper cream and toiletries.

My Aunt Lynne has given us the gift of diapers for a year, AGAIN! And gave us enough money to buy a glider for the nursery since I was being outbid for every used one I was trying to buy online. Once the nursery is finished I'll take a picture. NONE of the furniture matches, LOL. But that's ok.

Somehow I misplaced all of my newborn clothes. Every last piece. I'm not sure how I managed that since I pain painstakingly saved all of my baby stuff. I guess that's what happens when you move 3 times in a little over a year, including once out of state. Mom and Dad to the rescue there, so now we won't have to bring the baby home in a paper bag.

My mother in law financed all my crafting endeavors. Thanks to her they know me at Joanne's by name, LOL. It's been such a stress relief to be able to paint and emerge myself in something that is just for me. And she bought our changing table for us, and laughed with me really hard as we tried to maneuver it home in Jimmy's Mazda 6. We so need a bigger car.

With family like this, who needs a baby shower?!

Monday, February 10, 2014

I Hope

Brynlee: Mommy, I hope when sister baby comes out she looks like you.

Me: I hope when sister baby comes out she looks like you! Then we'll know she will be pretty.

Brynlee: I hope when sister baby comes out she looks like Mitzie

Me: If sister baby comes out looking like a cat,we'll have a problem. I DID NOT spend 9 months growing a baby to have it look like a cat I can pick up at the local Petsmart in 10 min for $100!

Of course last night I dreamt I gave birth to a cat...Fingers crossed this baby comes out human and not feline.

Friday, February 7, 2014

When Illness Strikes

So we had a rarity in my house. We all got sick! All 3 of us! That never happens. Jimmy somehow despite his lack of vitamins and balanced diet ( he will argue with me on this) NEVER gets sick. Ever. Last year he had 10 sick days at work. I think he took 2, and those were to take care of Brynlee.

I hope our kids inherit his immune system. When Brynlee gets sick, it's usually not that bad. She had a runny nose on Saturday ( when we left her with that babysitter! Maybe that is why the babysitter won't return my texts, LOL!) but she has a runny nose 1/2 the year thanks to allergies.

On Sunday though I started not feeling great. So Brynlee and I stayed home from church and " rested." I'm quoting rested because only one of us felt like resting... you can imagine who that was. I don't get it. When I'm feeling sick I want to just sleep. I'm in the minority in my house with that. I tried to take a nap...just a little one. I know from experience that if I nap and Brynlee is awake I'll wake up to disaster. It happens every time. I was so tired though I was ready to deal with whatever mess I found. This time I woke up to find her trying to use the Clorox cleaning wipes I keep in my purse like baby wipes, if you know what I mean. Yeah. Great! I fully expected to have to go to the Dr after that one.

Monday we stayed quarantined in the house as we were both giant snot balls. On Tuesday Jimmy was feeling the affects. So on Tuesday the three of us holed up together. I started feeling a little better. I think getting a decent nights sleep for the first time in a long time helped. The joys of drugging myself with Benadryl at night.

On Wednesday we were all feeling decent. I met with my Dr who once again recommended I get a flu shot. I got one. BAD idea. I probably should not have done that on the tail end of an illness. That night the flu like symptoms set it. I was freezing but sweating. Achy all over. Feeling like I had, well the flu. I've only gotten a flu shot one other time, when I was pregnant with Brynlee. And I don't remember feeling like that afterwards! Thursday Jimmy and Brynlee were better, but I was still feeling eh. Well more eh that ususal for being like 100 weeks pregnant ( ok 35, but it feels like 100!!).

Finally today we are all feeling better. It's been a looong week. Hopefully that was the last of the illness in our house for the season!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Sitter

You know that saying "You don't know what you've got till it's gone?". I find that to be one of the most true things I've ever heard. That seems to happen to me all the time. Sometimes I even know it's going to happen, and I'll think to myself that I'm really going to miss something once I don't have it anymore. But sometimes it's hard to live in the now and appreciate all that's around you.

Take California for example. Obviously I figured moving would be hard. But I think I underestimated how hard it would be. Or how lost I would feel sometimes without my friends and family close by. As we rapidly approach the year mark of our move I can't believe how fast it's gone by. But how strong the ache of missing those I love still stings sometimes.

Last night our family had a first. After almost 4 years, we had to pay a babysitter. Ok yes I know, we are spoiled. We were so lucky in California to have so many friends and family willing to watch Brynlee that we've never had to deal with babysitter woes. But we got invited to go out last night and decided it was time to find someone.

One of the great things about being LDS is a huge network of people! I asked my neighbor for some recommendations and she was able to give me quite a list. I found a girl who is 17 and made the arrangements. It was a little nerve wracking...I've never left Brynlee with a stranger like that before. But it went really well! When we got home, Brynlee was actually in bed and asleep. That never happens at a decent hour these days! And it was really nice to be able to get out of the house for a little bit.

Payment was kind of tricky... I wasn't sure how much to pay and how much she expected. I probably should have discussed that with her before hand but it was awkward and I didn't want to! Pay too much and you are stuck paying too much forever. Pay too little and they never want to come back. I checked with 3 different sources, so hopefully I paid the right amount. I guess we'll see if she dodges me next time I ask her to come back.

I was worried that Brynlee might be nervous to be left with a stranger. Which was stupid of me. Brynlee doesn't have a shy bone in her body. She was practically shoving us out the door when we left.

As I drove the babysitter home, it was really strange. I still forget sometimes how old I am. That I'm the one now hiring a babysitter instead of being asked to baby sit. Like when I see college kids and I think I'm the same age as them. Except that they are 10 years younger than me now. Weird.

All and all we had a great time getting out kid free for a little bit! It will probably be the last time for a while since I'm not about to leave my newborn with a 17 year old. So if we do go out again after sister baby is born we'll be plus one baby and minus one toddler.