Friday, February 7, 2014

When Illness Strikes

So we had a rarity in my house. We all got sick! All 3 of us! That never happens. Jimmy somehow despite his lack of vitamins and balanced diet ( he will argue with me on this) NEVER gets sick. Ever. Last year he had 10 sick days at work. I think he took 2, and those were to take care of Brynlee.

I hope our kids inherit his immune system. When Brynlee gets sick, it's usually not that bad. She had a runny nose on Saturday ( when we left her with that babysitter! Maybe that is why the babysitter won't return my texts, LOL!) but she has a runny nose 1/2 the year thanks to allergies.

On Sunday though I started not feeling great. So Brynlee and I stayed home from church and " rested." I'm quoting rested because only one of us felt like resting... you can imagine who that was. I don't get it. When I'm feeling sick I want to just sleep. I'm in the minority in my house with that. I tried to take a nap...just a little one. I know from experience that if I nap and Brynlee is awake I'll wake up to disaster. It happens every time. I was so tired though I was ready to deal with whatever mess I found. This time I woke up to find her trying to use the Clorox cleaning wipes I keep in my purse like baby wipes, if you know what I mean. Yeah. Great! I fully expected to have to go to the Dr after that one.

Monday we stayed quarantined in the house as we were both giant snot balls. On Tuesday Jimmy was feeling the affects. So on Tuesday the three of us holed up together. I started feeling a little better. I think getting a decent nights sleep for the first time in a long time helped. The joys of drugging myself with Benadryl at night.

On Wednesday we were all feeling decent. I met with my Dr who once again recommended I get a flu shot. I got one. BAD idea. I probably should not have done that on the tail end of an illness. That night the flu like symptoms set it. I was freezing but sweating. Achy all over. Feeling like I had, well the flu. I've only gotten a flu shot one other time, when I was pregnant with Brynlee. And I don't remember feeling like that afterwards! Thursday Jimmy and Brynlee were better, but I was still feeling eh. Well more eh that ususal for being like 100 weeks pregnant ( ok 35, but it feels like 100!!).

Finally today we are all feeling better. It's been a looong week. Hopefully that was the last of the illness in our house for the season!

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