Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Olympic Sized Conflict of Interest

So I've caught Olympic fever. I watch every night, and get really excited when it's time for the Olympics to start. I'm going to be in trouble next week when they are over and I have nothing to watch!

I've noticed a trend though that peeves me a bit. It seems that a large majority of the athletes train in the US. Often times side by side with our own athletes. In some cases, they even have the same coach. Really? How is it possible to be training with your opponent. Or even worse have your opponent being trained by the same person you are, right next to you!

I'm all for camaraderie between countries, don't get me wrong. But can't these athletes train in their own country? Or if they are going to train here, represent the USA. It's like they use our facilities, and then beat us at the Olympics. 

Not surprisingly Russia is pretty serious about these games. The male Russian ice skater who did not skate due to a back injury was called an "invalid" by a Russian politician. They are not messing around over there! There was a couple I saw during ice dancing the other night who was not from Russia. I can't remember where they are from, ( shocking, I know) but they are not Russian. However they had trained in Russia for a while. As the Olympics approached, Russia kicked them out and told them they could not train in their country anymore. And guess where they came to train instead. Yep, here. It seems like that is a little harsh on Russia's part, but I see where they are coming from.

What really bugs is when athletes like hockey players are playing for professional teams here in this country. But when the Olympics come they want to represent their own country. I see wanting to represent your hometown. I really do. But I can't help feeling a bit used by all these people.

Our training facilities and money are good enough for your to partake of. But when it comes to actually giving back to this country, they don't want to do it. To be honest I'm not really that educated about it. I'm sure that they have to pay to train here or something. So maybe by training here they are stimulating the economy a smidgen. Either way. Lets save the best for our athletes I say!

On a different topic, to anyone who has enjoyed my pregnancy brain moments I had yet another one the other day.

I was at the park with some girls in my neighborhood. I'm desperately trying to make friends with the people that live near me so I have someone besides Brynlee to talk to. I saw them at the park with their kids so I shelved my shyness and went over there too. As I was talking to a girl the conversation went like this:

Girl: I had a fortune teller told me I was going to die at 40 once. At least I have 11 more years.
Me: Oh so you are 31 then?
Girl: No...I'm 29
Me: Oh yeah, sorry. Clearly I can't add....

Ahhh! So embarrassing. Why brain why? I was never good with math in my head before,but really? I'm sure all the new people I've met while living here think I'm dumb as a box of rocks. Please brain, come back to me!

Lastly, I'm starting a new blogging tradition. My Aunt send me a book of interesting facts. What a great present! There are some really good ones in there. So, at the end of each blog post ( if I can get my firing on less than all cylinders brain to remember) I'm going to post one. 

Interesting Fact:

"The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world in a lifetime." 

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Audrey Spence said...

I'm so opposite. I want the Olympics over. I've resorted to watching Bridezillas on Netflix until my shows come back on. I might be more on board if I could actually watch regular tv but that super awesome idea of the digital converter box was crap and our antenna doesn't work and we don't even get local channels anymore. I've also been seeing all the social media stuff on how not ready they were for the Olympics and my brother was telling me how they were like watering down the ice. It all just sounds like a joke. Good job Russia! Who had the brilliant idea to go there anyway? I'm really hoping for another SLC one. Everything is already in place so they wouldn't need to spend so much money.There are people from here in the Olympics and tons of people that train here because of the facilities. They have also really grown since the last one and accessibility to places via train is so much better. I would love to live here to see it too. Sounds like they're trying to get the Olympics back to the states in 2024 or 2026 so I'll keep my fingers crossed that SLC is an option! :)