Friday, May 14, 2010

You Know the End is Near When...

2 weeks to go! Until my due date anyway. At this point I have a mental countdown, each morning as I hobble out of bed I think just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks.

Here are a few daily reminders that I'm in the 9th month and the end is near:

1. I will wear just about anything that will fit on my body at this point. I mean anything. I'm still raiding Jimmy's closet on a regular basis, and if I can squish myself into it, I'll wear it. No matter if it matches or looks riduculous.

2. Make up just seems useless. At this point I just think, " What is the point really?" It's not like it helps my appearence much anyways, and it so nice to be able to rub my eyes and not worry about any stuff being on them.

3. Trying to get over the baby gate in my bedroom door way is laughable. If the sheer pain of trying to balance on 1 leg while I hop over doesn't stop me, the giant baby gut in my way does. Safe to say I'm not the most agile at this point.

4. Walking up the slightest incline feels like I'm hiking up Mount Everest. Really. I walked to the grocery store the other night and had to stop to take a breathing break. The grocery store is about 2 blocks away by the way. I guess carrying an extra 22 lbs will do that?

5. The waking up in the middle of the night is not just inconvenient now (I know, I know get used to it yes I'm aware) but now it's painful as well. I've got things popping and creaking all over the place.

6. I'm seeing the scale zoom to new heights. When I go to the Dr. they are moving little black boxes I've never seen them move before...

Now that I've got just about everything all set for our new arrival (everything that I can get set anyway) I'm growing extremely impatient. Last month my thinking was that the baby will come when she is ready. That has changed and my current thinking is " Now baby, now!".

I have a feeling she will cling to my body until she is forced out though.

I'm not sure why. But I just get that feeling from her, stubborn child that she is already (I blame the Cuillard gene for that stubborn streak...). Visions of 12 lb babies being 2 weeks overdue dance in my head as I sleep at night.

When I think about how far I've come in this journey 2 weeks (or however long she decides to hang out in my body) seems like such a small amount of time. But then I think of sleeping on my back or stomach again and 2 weeks seems like an eternity!