Thursday, August 28, 2014


Oh poor blog. I've neglected you. For a month! Poor thing. I've been busy, but not THAT busy. I've been lazy more like it. And really, how much is there to blog about when you are a stay at home Mom? So what's been up with us you ask? Let me fill you in:

Jimmy: Probably the biggest news here. Jimmy is......going back to school. Like really going back. Bank of America cut his overtime and was automating the process he does. We really felt like we were being nudged...and then shoved in a different direction as bills couldn't be paid. He was on a sinking ship and it was either time to get off or go down with it. So we are taking a leap. Is it scary. Yes. Do I cry sometimes. Oh yeah. BUT if it all works out it will pay off big time. So, how are we going to live you ask? Loans, grants, prayers and bread. Not necessarily in that order. Which leads to my update...

Liz: I can sum up what I've been doing in one word. BREAD. Bread all over. Baking it. Eating it. Breathing it. My little bread business has blossomed into more than I ever expected. I'm not sure how long I can keep this bread train going, but I'm going to keep riding until it stops ( AKA the new year, when no one eats anything but salads, LOL)

Brynlee: Has started preschool again. Hallelujah! She's happy, I'm happy. We're all happy about that. This Brynlee's last year of preschool, and I couldn't be happier about where she is academically. Her teacher is amazing and whips those kids into shape. I have no doubt Brynlee will be super ready for kindergarten next year. Unfortunately Brynlee's night time antics continue. The other night I woke up to find paint ( yes, paint) in a Tupperware container by the trash. I found paint in my sink. I found my craft cupboard torn apart. And I found Brynlee passed out on my couch. Apparently she though the middle of the night was a great time to try to make me a hand print...and have a Dr Pepper because she had opened one of those. Oh boy...

Claire: is almost 6 months! She is rolling all over. She gets stuck under the coffee table all the time, poor thing. I can't help but laugh when I see little legs stick out from under there. She is getting bigger and bigger. And unfortunately so is her baby tude. Not such a fan of the swing anymore these days. She is happiest in her bouncer, or just rolling around on the ground. She loves being outside...but Arizona in August is not meant for the outdoors. We are looking forward to cooler weather for sure. Come on 90's!

Mitzie: is still a cat. LOL. She sleeps like 20 hours a day.I'm kind of jealous of her sometimes. We got Mitzie a new brush, the "furminator" and good grief does it take off her fur! It almost works too well because whenever I brush her fur is everywhere and it freaks me out!

So, until next time. Hopefully it won't be another month before I post!