Monday, January 30, 2012

Lucky Lady

Last weekend, Jimmy had Brynlee on Friday night because I had a school obligation. He watched Brynlee Saturday night because I went to the movies. He watched her allll day Sunday because I had a school obligation. On Sunday I was gone from sun up to sun down, I'm not exaggerating. What a guy! Brynlee is not the easiest to watch these days. She is such a rascal. But Jimmy watched her all weekend with no complaints. Did I mention that he works full time, goes to school 3 nights a week and worked on Saturday morning to get some much needed overtime?

Yeah. He is really considerate of me, and knows I need a break sometimes. I love my husband. On Sunday night he made dinner for me. I know spoiled much? Then we watched our shows together and had such a fun time. I'm so glad I'm married to someone that I love to spend time with. He makes me laugh so hard I want to cry sometimes. And I love him so much I want to cry sometimes when I think about how lucky I am to have landed such a catch. And that he is mine forever and ever and ever. I'm one lucky lady!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nod and Smile

I've been really lucky to have had some pretty great clients at school so far. Some have been more enjoyable than others, but so far no bad ones. Until today. Ok let me rephrase that. She wasn't really bad. She was just a pain in the butt. Big time.

She was old, she was crippled and she was grouchy. We'll call her Molly for the sake of my story. Yes I've changed names for customer protection. When I saw Molly walk in I thought oh she is going to be fun. And then I got called to take Molly, and I thought oh this is great. And then I looked at Molly's card and saw that she had about 4 hours of services to be performed. Oh boy. I needed a diet coke, ASAP.

I did my best with Molly. When all is said in done, she wasn't that bad. It could have been worse. She was bossy, and nit picky, and finicky. And thought I purposely put her in a malfunctioning dryer. No the dryer didn't malfunction. Molly is just sensitive to heat apparently because it was set on medium low. And is just like the 20 other dryers in the salon. Molly informed me that is the second time she has been stuck in that dryer, and she didn't appreciate it. Ha ha yes that is how I get my jolly's. But trying to cook old people in malfunctioning hair dryers. I told Molly that next time someone tries to take her to this imaginarily malfunctioning dryer she should lead them to a different dryer instead. I did actually spend 4 hours of time with Molly. I tried to pass her off to someone because I had to take my lunch, but apparently Molly liked me more than I liked her because she didn't want to do that. Too bad, because it's the law that I take my lunch by a certain time. But my classmate had to come get me out of the break room because Molly didn't want anyone else to work on her.

Molly was happy with the way that her hair turned out, and that is the most important thing. That and the fact that she didn't remember my name so she can't request me next time. That is important too. She did tip me $3 though so that was nice. I'll probably spend that at 7-11 tomorrow. I did a lot of nodding and smiling as Molly ranted on and on about things. Like the last time she came to my school. I hate it when people do that. Complain about what the last student did to them. We are all trying to learn, and some are slower than others. There is no need to put people down because of it. When you go to a school to get your hair done, expect a few bumps in the road. That is why we only charge $17 for a Redken color retouches!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Falling Off

Wow where did I go? No post for 18 days...that is pretty un like me! It's been a little crazy though. We went to Arizona to go to my nieces wedding last week. It was really fun. Except for the whole flying with a toddler part. Kill. Me. Now. Brynlee did pretty well I guess. By that I mean she ran all over the place, attracted plenty of aggravated stares from other passengers and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled. How early on can you detect ADD in your child? I'm going to keep my eye out for it. She it nuts! I tried to get her to watch TV while I made breakfast yesterday. That lasted for about 30 seconds. I tried My Little Ponies, SpongeBob and some other crazy show. I'll try Yo Gabba Gabba next and hope that is the one that will tame the beast. I never thought I'd say I was trying to get my kid to watch TV.

The wheels are turning in this kids head. Just this weekend alone she discovered that she can move chairs around to reach things she couldn't reach before. She learned how to unlock the front door. She figured out how to climb up on my extremely tall bad. She is like a baby spider man! She is so smart. I love to watch her learn and discover new things. Now I just need to start hanging stuff from my ceiling so she can't reach it.

Brynlee loves birds. I went to get a bird feeder for my porch but they were really expensive. So I bought some hummingbird nectar stuff for the already hanging humming bird feeder. My nectar must suck though because I have not seen one hummingbird. Maybe I'll try to make a bird feeder out of a pine cone and see if I can get some bird action on our porch that way.

School is going well. I'm not as terrified to take clients anymore. Still scared, but not as bad. Still managing to get horrible tips though. If I even get a tip at all. I'm not sure why I actually thought I'd make money at school. I make about enough to walk to 7-11 at lunch and get a soda. Which is better than nothing. What other school do you get to make tips at?!

We decided to try to become basketball fans. Right now is that weird period where football is coming to a close, and baseball hasn't started yet so we need something. I guess we picked a bad year to become Lakers fans! They are so terrible. Yet I do enjoy watching the game. Jimmy is in school 3 nights a week now. So one of my favorite things to do when I put Brynlee to bed when he is not home is to turn on a basketball game and curl up on the couch with a good book. I just finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It was phenomenal. Yet slightly disturbing so I can see why the movie is rated R. I'll have to wait until it comes out on TV so I can see it, because I really want to. Now I'm reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series. That is really good to. I just want to read all the time. I love it. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Liz in Space

I've been called aloof a time or two. Or three or four or five. Ok I really am. I'm not sure what my deal is. Like today for example. Here are two classic occasions.

We took down our Christmas Tree today. :( I hate this day every year. It always makes me sooo sad. After Jimmy hauled Treebeard the 6th out of our house, a nice trail of needles were left in his wake. Ah here is where having a fake Christmas tree comes in handy. Anyhow I got the vacuum out and started vacuuming away. It seemed more like the vacuum was just running over the needles and breaking them up rather than sucking them up. I had just changed the bag though. So I thought maybe tree needles were really tough to vacuum and kept going over the same spot several times. Jimmy came up to me and looked at the vacuum. Turns out I had the setting on "hose" rather than "floor". Ah. That would explain why the needles were not going anywhere. Good one. He had a nice laugh at my expense. I had a nice laugh too. What an idiot.

Case in point number 2. We were cleaning the bathroom today. We were just about done when I started to swiffer the floor. It didn't seem to be getting really clean, but it looked better than it had before. I kept pushing the button that squirts out the cleaning fluid and went to town. Jimmy told me I needed to use more cleaning fluid. I told him I did not. Using too much of that fluid makes the floor sticky. He told me it didn't look like I was using any cleaning fluid and stopped me. Turns out the bottle of cleaning fluid was empty. Hmmm... so that is why it was taking so long to clean the floor. He had a good laugh at that one too.

So, basically I vacuumed the whole living room with the vacuum on the " hose" setting, and swiffered the whole bathroom with no swiffer fluid. Great! Talk about a space case. Good thing I have Jimmy to keep me on track. See this just proves that I shouldn't clean!