Monday, January 2, 2012

Liz in Space

I've been called aloof a time or two. Or three or four or five. Ok I really am. I'm not sure what my deal is. Like today for example. Here are two classic occasions.

We took down our Christmas Tree today. :( I hate this day every year. It always makes me sooo sad. After Jimmy hauled Treebeard the 6th out of our house, a nice trail of needles were left in his wake. Ah here is where having a fake Christmas tree comes in handy. Anyhow I got the vacuum out and started vacuuming away. It seemed more like the vacuum was just running over the needles and breaking them up rather than sucking them up. I had just changed the bag though. So I thought maybe tree needles were really tough to vacuum and kept going over the same spot several times. Jimmy came up to me and looked at the vacuum. Turns out I had the setting on "hose" rather than "floor". Ah. That would explain why the needles were not going anywhere. Good one. He had a nice laugh at my expense. I had a nice laugh too. What an idiot.

Case in point number 2. We were cleaning the bathroom today. We were just about done when I started to swiffer the floor. It didn't seem to be getting really clean, but it looked better than it had before. I kept pushing the button that squirts out the cleaning fluid and went to town. Jimmy told me I needed to use more cleaning fluid. I told him I did not. Using too much of that fluid makes the floor sticky. He told me it didn't look like I was using any cleaning fluid and stopped me. Turns out the bottle of cleaning fluid was empty. Hmmm... so that is why it was taking so long to clean the floor. He had a good laugh at that one too.

So, basically I vacuumed the whole living room with the vacuum on the " hose" setting, and swiffered the whole bathroom with no swiffer fluid. Great! Talk about a space case. Good thing I have Jimmy to keep me on track. See this just proves that I shouldn't clean!


Pooty C said...

That definetly does NOT mean that you shouldn't clean!

Lulu said...

LOL- I had a good laugh as well. At least you weren't doing anything dangerous while you were off in your own world! Meg says you are coming for a visit- I will make sure to swing by and say hello!