Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Happy New Year's Eve! It's days like this I'm reminded while Jimmy and I toil away to stay living in Southern California. With the roommates, and baby in room equaling no room for us it seems kind of crazy. But on a day like today it's worth it. It is absolutely beautiful out. There are not too many places you can wear a T shirt and flip flops on New Year's Eve! It feels like spring outside and staying indoors during weather like this should be a crime.

The whole family had lunch on the patio today. We even brought Mitzie out there, which is rare for her. Because she has a paranoid mother who keeps her indoors. When I adopted her I signed an adoption contract agreeing to keep her as an indoor cat. I'm a woman of my word. Plus there are all sorts of coyotes and things around here. I don't need to be kept up late worrying about where my cat is. The days of being kept up late worrying will come soon enough as Brynlee gets older. But once in a while we will let Mitzie out under supervision. She does enjoy it out there. She even stayed right on our patio, which is unusual. Because usually when she gets out she runs into a bush and will not come out unless Jimmy or I physically drag her out. Anyhow, we all sat outside an enjoyed this lovely weather.

But there are things to do, so we all came inside to be semi productive. Jimmy is at the store and Brynlee is sleeping. I'm trying to clean my room, but I have like outdoor ADD on days like this. I just want to go back outside. I don't want to be inside right now. I remembered a time when I was like 13 ish. My room was always a mess. Bless their hearts my parents tried, but it was just always messy. I'd clean it and it would get back to messy within probably 3 days or so. And it would continue to get worse until I was forced to clean it.

I remember one specific Saturday all my friends were going to Magic Mountain. I was not allowed to go, because I had to clean my room instead. As per usual, it looked like 3 tornadoes had gone through it. I was bummed to say the least. My Mom woke me up that Saturday morning by sitting on the edge of my bed. She told me it was too nice out to be stuck inside cleaning, and that I could go to Magic Mountain with my friends instead. I was so excited. I'm sure I eventually cleaned my room. But that is not the part of the story I remember. I remember thinking that day thinking I had the best Mom. She is pretty great. I hope I'll be like that with Brynlee when she gets older. It's important to be strict with your children. But it's also important to give a little sometimes. I love you Mom. :)

Unfortunately today I'm still being forced to clean my room. Now by my husband rather than parent. I guess some things never change! Hopefully I can get him to see the value of this beautiful weather, and how asinine it is to waste it cleaning!

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