Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Christmas Cactus

I've had some trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year. It seems like as each year passes, the less excited I get. It bums me out. I guess I really am growing up. Or grown up already.

Maybe once Brynlee is old enough to actually do stuff it will be fun. As of right now she just makes a mess of everything and my OCD strikes and I freak out a little. I want to get our Christmas Tree ( no we don't have one yet, we are going this Saturday) and decorate it while she is sleeping. And then gate it off so she can't touch it. I know, I'm horrible. But she will make it a mess and I want it to be nice and pretty, the way I want it decorated. I always go around behind Jimmy and move his ornaments into better spots. I've got issues...

Something that does get my excited is my Christmas Cactus. A few years ago my Grandma sent me this Christmas Cactus. She lives far away, but always sends a Christmas present. She is such a unique gift giver. She puts a lot of thought into her presents. I don't exactly have a green thumb, so when I opened up this cactus I wasn't sure what she was thinking. It was pretty, as pretty as a cactus can be. But it was just that. A cactus. After a week or so it got these pretty little flowers all over it. A week or so later they all fell off and it was just a plain cactus again. Not sure what to do with it, I put it on my window sill. Shockingly I managed to keep it alive for a whole year. Grandma sure is wise to give me a plant that is hard to kill! Anyhow the next year, around Christmas time it started to bloom with pretty white flowers. The flowers lasted for a few weeks and then eventually fell off, leaving the plant looking just like a plain cactus again.

It did the same thing each December for the next two years. It still amazes me. How does it know to bloom during December? How is it a plant only blooms 1 time per year? So strange. This is the fourth year I've had it, and it's little buds are popping up and getting ready to bloom again. I'll post a picture when it does. But I wake up each day excited to see if it's bloomed. I LOVE that cactus. The fact that it blooms once per year makes it that much more special. It is by far one of my favorite presents I've ever received. Who would have thought I'd say that about a cactus? Every year when it blooms I think about my Grandma and it makes me smile.


Audrey Spence said...

Now that Charlotte is older Scott and I are so excited for Christmas. We got her this slide and can hardly wait to put it out Christmas Eve. She loves slides and I love that I will have something that she can wear herself out on besides our furniture or me and Scott. I don't think I've been so excited for Christmas before. I can't wait to see her reaction. What a cool plant though? I'd love one of those. I have a ti plant and an aloe plant. I haven't killed those yet. I did kill my palm though. But if you ever are looking for another plant to give some green and is hard to kill, go for aloe. You can use it for lots of stuff too. I mainly use it for burns because I'm really good at burning myself. But I swear that plant never dies!

Heather and Spencer said...

I move ornaments too. Do what I do...let Brynlee decorate and then after she goes to bed, start moving the ornaments! That way you can still have those memories of her decorating the tree and still have it look nice! As for moving Jimmy's ornaments, I do that too. Growing up, Spencer got an ornament each year from his parents. Some are nice, while others are really bad. I make sure I get to the bad ones first and hang them on the back of the tree where they are not seen!