Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am Not a Hairdresser

Not to toot my own horn here, but I think I'm pretty good at doing hair. Other peoples that is. I always used to style my friend's hair before dances, or big nights out.

But really all it takes is one trip to the hair salon for me to realize that I'm no pro.

I doubt I'm alone in this, but I'm a compulsive hair cuter. If a piece of hair (mainly a piece of bang) is not falling right, I snip it. Or sometimes pull it out (hey I have tons to spare right?). My hair dresser teases me because she can always tell when I've been snipping away.

But after I go to the salon and my hair is straighter than I ever though possible and my bangs actually fall the way they are supposed to I'm in awe. How does she do that?

I have a flat iron that I bought from a beauty supply store a while ago that was a pretty penny. And that sucker gets up to 425 degrees (I’ve got the burns to prove it)! I have hair cutting scissors and thinning shears. I use shampoo and conditioner from the beauty supply store too. I'm in that store so much the probably think I'm a professional! So I know it's not the supply I lack. I guess that leaves the skill.

I watch what she does every time. And I do my best to mimic it when I get home. But I can never trim my bangs quite right, and I can't even come close to the degree of straightness she can get.

In the end I guess it makes sense. I mean if everyone could do their own hair, why would we have hairdressers in the first place?

Even if I could do my own hair, I don't think I would. I love my hair lady. I've been going to her for like 7 years and she has never raised the price once.
She charges me so little it's laughable. I'd probably get charged more at Supercuts!

If we ever move I don't know what I'll do.
I'll have to make special trips to Simi Valley just go get my hair done!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Falling off the Boat

I've been doing really well with my eating for the past month or so. After letting my diet get totally out of control ( lets not bring up the pot pie/cake/ bagel/pizza day), I decided as part of my internal makeover I needed to re vamp that too.

So in the past month I've lost.... 5 lbs! Yes 5. On a good day it's 6 lbs, and on a bad day its 4 lbs.

I've tried to not get discouraged at my lack of results. Mainly because my exercising has gone out the window. Unless you call walking around the block a couple of times at my office exercising.

I knew exercising while working full time and being gone from home for 11 ish hours a day would be tough, but jeesh. It is really hard. The last thing I want to do when I get home is work out.

And slowly but surely the temptation has started to creep in again. I love at the beginning of diets how it's so easy to just say no. In the beginning that feeling of a new resolution high is enough to bat away any cakes, cookies and fried foods calling out to me.

But now...

Now that it's taken me a month to loose what some people loose in a week I find the bagels and candy and chips calling out to me again. And I find myself control growing shaky. I mean what is one bagel right? Just one won't hurt...

Anyone have any tricks they use in times of weakness like this?

I think I need to look at a Victoria's Secret Catalog or something to snap me back on track! Or even better, put on my bathing suit. Ugh!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Sucks. Period.

Ok so this might be a little TMI here, but recently my body seems to have developed an interesting trend. For the past few months when Mother Nature drops off her monthly gift it seems to bring some other illness with it.

Last month I started my period and then had the stomach flu later that day (at work mind you, that was fun!).

Now this month I started my period and my throat is on fire. This means one thing. I'm sick. For me, it always starts with the soar throat. Then within 24-48 hours I'm on my death bed with illness. Great! It's June for goodness sakes. I thought we were out of flu season?

So on top of the breakouts, cramps and mood swings I was puking last month, and can't swallow anything this month.

Now I'm starting to worry about what’s next. Plague? Measles? Alzheimer’s? I guess I better bunker down in my house for July when that time of the month comes...

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm a Weeper

I learned at an early age that I'm a sensitive person. I’ve done my best over the years to try to toughen up my skin, but unfortunately I still am bothered by things that I wish I wasn't.

The most annoying trait that comes from sensitivity is the crying. I don't get mad, I don't get angry and I don't get even. I just cry. It seems that all my emotions are channeled out of my eye balls and it drives me crazy. Crying is seen as a sign of weakness, and I hate that my eye balls seem to betray me.

So it's not really a surprise that I cry at weddings. I think it could be the wedding of 2 people I don't even know and I'd still cry.

Jimmy and I went to a wedding on Friday night and it was amazing. But sure enough I found myself getting emotional like 6 times. And it was the wedding of Jimmy's best friend! I don’t even know them that well, but I still found my vision getting blurry at key moments.

I think it has to do with seeing other people cry that makes me cry. At that moment, when the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her in all her wedding dress splendor they are blissfully happy, and it makes me happy.

I love weddings! I always have, even when I was single I was always down for a good wedding. I mean who doesn't like a party where they feed you? There are a lot of weddings that I've been to where they haven't fed me, but I still usually manage to have a good time.

This wedding happened to be open bar, and believe you me I was not the only one having a good time. :)

Drunken people can be so funny sometimes...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shiny and New

I'm so not a gadget person. I usually keep my old ghetto stuff until it's past the point of working.IE my cell phone.

I've had the same cell phone for over 3 years. It seems everyone around me has gotten like 10 new phones in that time. But not me.

I'm ok with not being able to fly a plane with my phone, or have my phone tell me how much I weigh or all that other stuff those crazy phones do. I call people and text message, that's about it.

But Bessie (yes I named my phone) was showing signs of age. It literally started breaking a apart. Like chunks of it would come off every time I opened it. And it wouldn't stay open to a certain point. It would just kind of flap there.

Then there was the time when it started vibrating uncontrollably for like 2 min. It wouldn't stop until I took the battery out and then put it back in. Then it wouldn't turn on again. I knew it was time to put Bessie out to pasture.

So I went the phone store and got a brand new phone. It's amazing! I’ll probably have this one for another 4 years if I'm lucky. It has a full keyboard, which I really need to get used to. I keep hitting the wrong buttons with my fat thumbs. But all it will take is a little practice I'm sure. I love you Blue Beauty! (Yes that is the name of my new phone, and it is indeed blue).

On another topic, I'm having another wonderful day at work (not). I came into a bunch of firestorms and was going crazy all morning trying to put them out. So it was a more than pleasant surprise when while on the phone I saw an In and Out bag looming in my peripheral vision. I turned to see that my husband came to visit, lunch for us in hand. It turned my whole day around. So now it sucks here, just not as bad. :)

Love you hun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am Like a Tumbleweed

In the wee hours last night Jimmy and I were chatting about things I could do other than be a travel agent. I've known for a while now that this job is just not for me. I don't like it 4 out of 5 days a week it seems and well that has got to stop.

I'm not one who switches careers/school majors/life plans lightly.

If I start something, even if I don't like it I'll stick with it much longer than I should have. I'm not sure why I do that. I guess because I'm scared of the unknown.

So now here I am in a job that I hate most days and part of me does not want to leave it. I've invested so much time and effort into learning how to do this that the thought of throwing it all away and starting at square one again somewhere else makes me ill.

I also have another problem. I have no idea what I'd like to do. I've never know. Even when I was little I didn't have a strong inclination towards one occupation. And now I still don't. Sure there are tons of things I like, but what if I try something and end up hating that too? I used to like travel, now look at me. I guess I'm not really the one traveling here, but still.

How do you know what you are going to like? You don't until you try it.

So, some things I could think of that I like are:

1.Doing hair. I've always loved doing hair. But what if doing that as a job rather than a fun favor for someone makes me hate it?

2.Baking. I love baking too. I tried my hand at cake decorating, and was not too good at that. But the baking part I love

3.Reading. Can you make a career out of reading? I guess if I were a book reviewer. Something tells me people would not be interested in the opinion of a 25 year old with no literary training though.

4.Writing. My major was journalism in college at one point. It had its good and bad points, but in the end I thought it was too much stress and too much pressure. I'm wondering if I should have stuck with that one a little longer though. I covered sports for my college newspaper and watching the games themselves was pretty fun.

5.Horses. Ok this one is silly. But I've always loved horses. I've only ridden one once, but I thought it was the best thing ever. Maybe I could be a horse care taker? Or horse whisperer? Jimmy said he doesn't see me scooping horse poop on hot summer days. But people change all the time.

6.Fitness Instructor. This one made Jimmy laugh loudly for a while. Ok I know I hate exercise. But I think I hate it because I suck at it. If I was good at it and knew what I was doing I think I'd like it better. Maybe not though. I didn't think anyone actually liked exercising, that they just liked the outcome of exercising. Apparently I'm wrong though. I guess you anomalies are out there?

7. Cashier. Yes setting my sights high with this one. I loved being a cashier when I worked at the drugstore. Pressing buttons and making things ding was super fun! Not fun for 8 hours a day though. Fun for 2 hours a day. So unless I worked 10 hours a week, I'm not sure this one will work.

It's frustrating that at 25 I still have no direction. I'm just floating along waiting to have an epiphany or something. So far no luck. I'm in the same spot I was 10 years ago. Except now I can cross travel agent of my list of things I'd like to do.

Monday, June 8, 2009

This is California, Right?

I'm one of those people who are really impacted by the weather.

I think it stems from my hair. Yes really, my hair. Since I young age I've discovered that any kind of moisture makes my hair do awful, terrible things. My hair does strange things anyways, but in moisture it really goes crazy. Unless it's dry and sunny, my hair pretty much goes nuts and there is nothing I can do about it.

When I was in Jr. High my poor Mom used to spend hours straightening my hair. She would blow dry and curling iron until her arms fell off. She knew how important it was to me. Being a scrawny 13 year old with acne, braces and huge afro hair was really hard for me and she wanted to do everything she could to make it better.

But unless it was clear and sunny out, I'd walk outside and all her hard work would disappear as my hair grew and grew with each step into the humid/rainy air.

The weather still gives my hair a mind of its own, but I'm less concerned with it now. Still concerned, don't get me wrong (who likes to walk around knowing they look terrible??) but less so.

But I still hate it when it's not sunny out. I hate it when it rains (unless I'm able to stay at home and not go anywhere), I hate it when it's cloudy and I hate it even more when it's foggy. It makes me tired all day long. So it's a good thing I live in California. You would think being that it's June, I'm pretty much home free for sunny skies right? Wrong.

Ok we do normally have June gloom. But it usually burns off in the morning. So this weekend, when it was cold and rainy on Friday, cold, windy and cloudy on Saturday, and is now completely gray outside I'm a little confused. This is June in California right? I broke out all my shorts and sandals in mid may. Now I'm digging out all my shoes and sweaters again.

I don't mind it being cold, just as long as it's sunny out. I love waking up to a clear sunny day, it starts me off in a great mood. This is one of those times where I do know how good I have it with the California weather. I realize that most other places in the country are still snowing, and I should be grateful for what I have. However I pay an arm and a leg to live here (rent, food, gas all that junk) so I want my clear skies!

Sun, where are you?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things I Should Have Listened To...

Today was crappy, so I'm afraid this post will be pretty bleak.

I started thinking today about all the warnings/advice people have given me that I just brushed off. It so easy to think that you are different, or that you know better.

When I was younger people told me to enjoy childhood. Well, I did, but I sure didn't appreciate it the way I would if I could go back and do it again now. I think back to the time before bills and 9-5 jobs. A time when figuring out what I was going to wear to school the next day was the biggest worry I had.

Before I got married people warned me that marriage was tough, and love was not all you really need. I brushed these people off, figuring they had no idea what they were talking about. Well, turns out they did. Who knew? Unfortunately love does not pave the way. Money does not sprout from the ground and living with someone can be really hard sometimes, no matter how much you love each other. I try to tell my newly married/dating/engaged friends this, and I see a familiar look in their eyes. A look that says they are not listening to me, because they think they are different and I have no idea what I'm talking about. The cycle continues...

People used to tell me to enjoy school and that I would miss it when it was done. While you are enduring endless lectures, tests and homework it does not seem so enjoyable. I graduated just over 2 years ago now, and I do miss it. I miss it like crazy actually. I miss that feeling of turning in something that is A+ quality that you worked your butt off on. I miss that " Ah Ha" moment, when a concept that seemed so hard to grasp finally makes sense. The feeling of taking a test you are actually prepared for.

I could go on and on. But in the end the saying really is true, that you don't know what you've got until you don't have it anymore. And that is the strangest part of all of it.

Someday down the road I'm going to look back at my life as it stands now, and miss being part of a young married couple. I'll miss having friends that I can hang out with or play games with pretty much any night. I'll miss being able to spend my weekends however I want rather than shuttling kids all around. But as history tends to repeat itself, I won't really appreciate any of this until its gone.