Monday, June 15, 2009

Shiny and New

I'm so not a gadget person. I usually keep my old ghetto stuff until it's past the point of working.IE my cell phone.

I've had the same cell phone for over 3 years. It seems everyone around me has gotten like 10 new phones in that time. But not me.

I'm ok with not being able to fly a plane with my phone, or have my phone tell me how much I weigh or all that other stuff those crazy phones do. I call people and text message, that's about it.

But Bessie (yes I named my phone) was showing signs of age. It literally started breaking a apart. Like chunks of it would come off every time I opened it. And it wouldn't stay open to a certain point. It would just kind of flap there.

Then there was the time when it started vibrating uncontrollably for like 2 min. It wouldn't stop until I took the battery out and then put it back in. Then it wouldn't turn on again. I knew it was time to put Bessie out to pasture.

So I went the phone store and got a brand new phone. It's amazing! I’ll probably have this one for another 4 years if I'm lucky. It has a full keyboard, which I really need to get used to. I keep hitting the wrong buttons with my fat thumbs. But all it will take is a little practice I'm sure. I love you Blue Beauty! (Yes that is the name of my new phone, and it is indeed blue).

On another topic, I'm having another wonderful day at work (not). I came into a bunch of firestorms and was going crazy all morning trying to put them out. So it was a more than pleasant surprise when while on the phone I saw an In and Out bag looming in my peripheral vision. I turned to see that my husband came to visit, lunch for us in hand. It turned my whole day around. So now it sucks here, just not as bad. :)

Love you hun!

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Jessica said...

Hun is a good husband!