Monday, June 8, 2009

This is California, Right?

I'm one of those people who are really impacted by the weather.

I think it stems from my hair. Yes really, my hair. Since I young age I've discovered that any kind of moisture makes my hair do awful, terrible things. My hair does strange things anyways, but in moisture it really goes crazy. Unless it's dry and sunny, my hair pretty much goes nuts and there is nothing I can do about it.

When I was in Jr. High my poor Mom used to spend hours straightening my hair. She would blow dry and curling iron until her arms fell off. She knew how important it was to me. Being a scrawny 13 year old with acne, braces and huge afro hair was really hard for me and she wanted to do everything she could to make it better.

But unless it was clear and sunny out, I'd walk outside and all her hard work would disappear as my hair grew and grew with each step into the humid/rainy air.

The weather still gives my hair a mind of its own, but I'm less concerned with it now. Still concerned, don't get me wrong (who likes to walk around knowing they look terrible??) but less so.

But I still hate it when it's not sunny out. I hate it when it rains (unless I'm able to stay at home and not go anywhere), I hate it when it's cloudy and I hate it even more when it's foggy. It makes me tired all day long. So it's a good thing I live in California. You would think being that it's June, I'm pretty much home free for sunny skies right? Wrong.

Ok we do normally have June gloom. But it usually burns off in the morning. So this weekend, when it was cold and rainy on Friday, cold, windy and cloudy on Saturday, and is now completely gray outside I'm a little confused. This is June in California right? I broke out all my shorts and sandals in mid may. Now I'm digging out all my shoes and sweaters again.

I don't mind it being cold, just as long as it's sunny out. I love waking up to a clear sunny day, it starts me off in a great mood. This is one of those times where I do know how good I have it with the California weather. I realize that most other places in the country are still snowing, and I should be grateful for what I have. However I pay an arm and a leg to live here (rent, food, gas all that junk) so I want my clear skies!

Sun, where are you?!

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