Monday, October 27, 2014

These Days

Hello readers! Are there any of you left? After another month with no posts, I don't blame you for leaving me. Here's what's been going on these days:

Liz- I got a job! And here is the ironic part- It's a job at the place where I had to take the test I was complaining about in my last post! How funny is that. When they called me for an interview I couldn't believe it. I'll be working at Sprouts. It's like a Trader Joe's type place. Is it hair? No. However they are willing to work around my very difficult availability. And the pay is decent so I'm thankful for it. Once again I fought the no Sundays battle and won. Victory is mine! I'll be slowing down my baking a bit. But still plan on trying to bake once a week or so. 

Jimmy- is chugging along in school. He will kill me for writing this, but his chemistry class was giving him a hard time. He took chemistry 1 like 4 years ago, and is now taking chemistry 2. Yeah....anyhow he has worked his butt off ( seriously, studying all hours of the night. Coming to bed at 4am to wake up at 6am) but on his last test he got 110 out of 100 ( there were some extra credit questions). I'm so proud of him and all the hard work he has put in.

Brynlee- Ah, Brynlee. In case we aren't facebook friends and you missed it, we had a hair cutting incident. It was really bad. Hairgate is what I call it. She butchered the front of her hair- as seen below. 

Yeah. Mom was not pleased. Mom was quite mad- and might of cried LOL. However, after some styling we have this:

To be 100% honest, I actually really like the length on her.She looks really cute with short hair. The front is still a train wreck and requires lots of hairspray and bobby pins to keep it back. But it could've been worse I suppose. At least she didn't cut it down to scalp.

Claire: Is getting bigger and bigger. She isn't crawling- but rolls to where ever she wants to go. We need to start baby proofing ASAP. She is eating baby food now. She loves peas ( seriously, who loves peas? I gag while I feed them to her!) and sweet potatoes. She's kinda iffy about carrots and mixed vegetables. She is still napping 2 times per day, but I see that ending soon. She is super curious, and super cute :)

I'm super excited about Halloween- I loved handing out candy last year. Seeing all the little kids on parade was so much fun! I ran out of candy really fast so I bought extra this year. Hopefully it will last me longer!