Friday, February 26, 2010

Blind Leading the Blind

As I was filling up my gas tank and my favorite Simi Valley gas station (yes I have a favorite, when you go through as much gas as I do you get particular...) a woman asked me for directions.

I'm glad that no one was with me at the time, because they probably would have laughed out loud at the idea of someone asking me for directions. I will be the first to admit I'm terrible with them. I could probably get lost in my house.

I've gotten lost going to the TO mall.

One time Megan and I set out to go to Hurricane Harbor, and ended up in Compton. Yes, 2 white girls in bathing suits driving through the streets of was an experience. Guess who was supposed to be navigating that trip?

Anyhow, I tried to help this lady at the gas station the best I could, but not sure I got her where she needed to go.

I mean I've only lived in Simi Valley for like 20 years, should I know where everything is at this point? I should have done her a favor and just told her that I'm not familiar with the area. I probably got her more lost than she already was.

When Jimmy and I went on vacation last year, we got terribly lost in Boston trying to drive to our hotel. I had mapped everything out to avoid issues, or so I thought. But the stupid city threw us a construction curve ball. Guess who was supposed to be navigating that trip too?

Maybe I should steer clear of navigating. I think the person driving would have better luck trying to drive and navigate at the same time.

Safe to say that Lewis and Clark would not have wanted me to come along on their expedition. Or they would have dumped me off somewhere at the first opportunity they got.

On a side note, I overslept on Thursday. Yes, I hit my snooze too many times. Instead of 2 times, I must have hit it like 5 times. When I sprung out of bed in a panic, I looked at Mitzie and she just laid there with an innocent look on her face. Maybe she has been reading my blog? I guess I do need her to wake me up every morning after all...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Squeaky Wheel

I went to dinner with some friends the other night. No one could decide where to go (what’s' new?), and eventually we found somewhere we could all agree on. Accept I didn't really want to eat there.

I didn't want to be difficult, so I just went along with it.

As I was sitting at the restaurant reading over the menu for like the 100th time waiting for something to pop out at me I started thinking about how often I find myself in this situation.

I don't want to rock the boat, or seem difficult so I just go along with what others want. But then they are eating where they want to, and I'm stuck paying for food I didn't want in the first place. It's so true what they say, the squeaky wheel really does get the oil. I never squeak, so I don't get any...

I still have that book I bought last year called “The Nice Girl Syndrome". I have not finished that book, and it shows it situations like these.

Funny thing is I'm happy to impose my will with one person. My poor husband. I tell him what I want, when I want it. And if we are being truly honest, I usually get it. We go to the movies I pick, and eat where I want to. We watch what I want to on TV. Maybe I have so much built up squeaking that I don’t express with others that it all comes out towards him?

Who knows. I think I am pretty easy going with most things, but how hard would it have been to just say the other night " I don't want to eat there"? No one else seemed to have a problem saying that. I really admire those people who just put it all out there, and aspire to be more like them one day. Not that I want to be a complete boat rocker, but it would be nice to get some oil once in a while!

On a completely different topic, if my cat wasn't so cute I'd kill her. Seriously. Every morning she wakes me up. Not Jimmy just me.

In her defense she doesn't start licking my nose or pawing at me until my alarm goes off. But she hasn't seemed to grasp the idea of "snooze" yet. I'm a big snooze button hitter. I purposely set my alarm to go off early so I can snooze. I know that seems weird to some, but I need to hit snooze at least 2 times to be functional when I get out of bed.

So, imagine my frustration when after my alarm goes off 1 time I feel her start to mosey up to my face. I try to roll away from her, but she just follows me. By the time I get up and put her out of the room, I'm awake and it's too late to snooze anyway. At least I don't have to worry about oversleeping this way.

I wonder why she only does this to me. Maybe because she knows Jimmy would kill her (literally)?. I don't think she goes up to Robbie's room and waits for his alarm to go off so she can plague him either ( I'm sure I'd hear about it if that was happening). Just me. Aren't I lucky? I guess I could put her out at night, but she is so cuddly, it's almost worth missing my snooze. Almost...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Perks of Being Pregnant

I realize I've done a lot of complaining throughout this pregnancy.

I think in my head I always thought being pregnant would be lots of fun...guess I was wrong about that one! Shows you how much I knew about that.

Anyhow, now that I'm finally showing, like really showing there are some fun things. I don't just look like I ate a big meal anymore!

1. For the first time in my life I have a hard stomach! Ok so it's not a flat hard stomach. But it's 1/2 of the flat hard stomach I've always longed for, right?

2. People are nicer to me. I'm not sure why that is. It's sad really. It takes being pregnant for people to smile at me, and be courteous.

3. I'm pro at peeing in a cup. After having to do it every week (sometimes more than once a week) I've honed my skills. I don't think guys understand how easy the have it when it comes to aiming and peeing, but I'm a seasoned pee in cup veteran now. Not sure when that skill will come in handy though, but if it ever does I’m ready.

4. Random people tell me I'm "adorable" or "cute". This I quite enjoy as well. It's like when your pregnant it becomes ok for people to comment on your appearance all the time. Sometimes they say things like “your huge" which I've learned you don't say to a pregnant woman (sorry I ever said that to you Megan, I know better now!), but usually they say nice things and its fun to hear.

5. For now feeling the baby kicks, pokes and jabs are still fun. I know it won't be as we get further down the road, but it's an amazing feeling to have something moving around in there. Sometimes she feels like an octopus baby, and that she can't possibly only have 2 arms and legs. But I guess she is going to spread out and enjoy the room while she has it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Maybe I Won't be Bad at This...

I'm not the only one who has had doubts about my mothering abilities. I'm not going to name names, but you know who you are out there!

With good reason I suppose. I'm not really the nurturing type.

I get weirded out when strange people try to hug me or touch me. I'm not a touchy person my any means.

Most days much to Jimmy's chagrin our meals consist of every man for himself type eating. I find something that I want to eat, and I leave him to find something he wants to eat.

But our cat gives me hope. She is like my furry baby now and I take good care of her. We both do.

Jimmy just took her for a kitty walk today. :)

Picturing him walking Mitzie around our complex in her hot pink harness makes me smile. If i saw a guy walking a cat around in a hot pink harness I'd crack up. But he does stuff like that with her all the time. She certainly is spoiled. I'm wondering how she'll react when her baby sister comes along!

I've found that I sell myself short in a lot of things. I've always been like this. I think it's easier to just assume I either can't do something, or will be bad at it. Then if I can do it, or am actually good at it it's a pleasant surprise as opposed to a let down.

So naturally I've assumed that I will be a Mom that is pretty rough around the edges. But lately I'm starting to think I might not be so bad.

I mean I never thought I'd make it through 3 months of non stop vomiting while working full time and commuting 2 hours a day. But I did.

Now, here I am working like 10 hour days everyday and getting home at 8pm (or later) every night. But I'm making it through that too. And the baby's heart has been just fine for the past 4 weeks.

Although I'd be lying if I didn't say I honestly thought of doing what everyone else seems to do and just quitting my job and moving in with someone’s parents. That is sounding more and more tempting recently.

Anyhow, I'm still standing! I'm thinking I'll be just fine taking care of our baby girl, still name to be determined. At least that is how I'm feeling right now.

On a side note, I thought some of you might find it funny that now my Dr. is telling me I need to gain more weight. Hmm.... I told her about what the other Dr. said and she was quite surprised.

My Mom keeps trying to fatten me up every time I see her now.

But fear not, I've gained quite a large amount in the past 2 weeks. I'm seeing the scale zoom to new heights, but my Dr. is quite pleased with it. So if she is happy I'm happy!

Monday, February 8, 2010


I've not had very good luck sporting wise this past year. It seems like every time I want to win loses, and every team I want to lose wins!

The Yankees won the World Series...I'm still bummed about that. I haven't been able to blog about that until now.

Of all the teams in all of the MLB the one time I hate wins. Of course. And to top if off the Red Sox sucked big time. Every time those stupid Yankees knocked yet another team out of World Series contention I kept thinking, "That's ok, the Angels will beat them. Or that's ok the, Phillies well beat them." Turns out no one could beat them. Ugh. I still feel like evil triumphed over good with that one. Guess you can buy a championship after all!

Then the Patriots make it to the post season just to crap out in the first round. Then the Chargers lost. Then the Jets lost. I was beginning to forget how it feels to cheer for a team that wins!

Until yesterday. What an amazing super bowl. I mean I guess I don't have anything against the Colts, but well I don't really like them too much. Payton Manning is not my favorite either. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm a Patriots fan and those two teams don't get along real well.

So when the Saints won in historic fashion it was so exciting! Ah the thrill of victory again. Especially since everyone and thier mother thought the Colts would win. Nothing like a good upset!

Now football is over and baseball isn't here yet, so I guess I'm on sports hiatus for now. Jimmy and I don't watch too much basketball (Robbie watches enough for all 3 of us...) so it will be nice to take a little break and just watch some regular TV on Sundays again!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ode to the Stretchy Waist Pants

I finally broke down and bought some maternity pants this weekend. I don't know why I was dreading doing that so much.

I guess I hate the thought of wasting money on some temporary pants. I mean I still wear jeans that I bought back in 2004! That's 6 years ago! And I wear ( or I guess at this point wore because they don't fit right now) those jeans all the time. When I buy a pair of pants, I keep them a while, and wear them until they are thread barren. And even usually after that. It's strange how I'm so frugal with some things, but not with others...

So I set out to buy maternity pants, and had the problem I figured I'd have. Too short. They were all too short. Curse this height of mine. Apparently they don't think tall people get pregnant too? I was hoping to avoid maternity stores due to their high pricing, but after Target, Kohl’s and Wal-Mart let me down I had no choice.

Ashley and I ventured to the mall, and into Motherhood Maternity I went. They had a select few styles in "tall" and I snatched them up. I ended up buying a couple pairs and spent more than I'd have liked to. But now that I'm wearing a pair, it was totally worth it!

I haven't been this comfortable in a long long long time. Who knew a stretch waist could feel so good? I feel like I'm sitting at my desk in my PJ's! I'm thinking after wearing pants like this for the next few months, I'm not going to want to go back to the regular kind! I wonder how long you can get away with wearing maternity pants after you are pregnant…