Monday, February 8, 2010


I've not had very good luck sporting wise this past year. It seems like every time I want to win loses, and every team I want to lose wins!

The Yankees won the World Series...I'm still bummed about that. I haven't been able to blog about that until now.

Of all the teams in all of the MLB the one time I hate wins. Of course. And to top if off the Red Sox sucked big time. Every time those stupid Yankees knocked yet another team out of World Series contention I kept thinking, "That's ok, the Angels will beat them. Or that's ok the, Phillies well beat them." Turns out no one could beat them. Ugh. I still feel like evil triumphed over good with that one. Guess you can buy a championship after all!

Then the Patriots make it to the post season just to crap out in the first round. Then the Chargers lost. Then the Jets lost. I was beginning to forget how it feels to cheer for a team that wins!

Until yesterday. What an amazing super bowl. I mean I guess I don't have anything against the Colts, but well I don't really like them too much. Payton Manning is not my favorite either. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm a Patriots fan and those two teams don't get along real well.

So when the Saints won in historic fashion it was so exciting! Ah the thrill of victory again. Especially since everyone and thier mother thought the Colts would win. Nothing like a good upset!

Now football is over and baseball isn't here yet, so I guess I'm on sports hiatus for now. Jimmy and I don't watch too much basketball (Robbie watches enough for all 3 of us...) so it will be nice to take a little break and just watch some regular TV on Sundays again!

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Julia Everts said...

I'm shocked at how big of a sports fan you are! It's funny to hear you talk about sports like this because me on the other hand, want nothing to do with sports. I'd be happy if they didn't exist. Oh wait, but then we wouldn't have gorgeous atheletes to stare at!!! :)