Friday, February 26, 2010

Blind Leading the Blind

As I was filling up my gas tank and my favorite Simi Valley gas station (yes I have a favorite, when you go through as much gas as I do you get particular...) a woman asked me for directions.

I'm glad that no one was with me at the time, because they probably would have laughed out loud at the idea of someone asking me for directions. I will be the first to admit I'm terrible with them. I could probably get lost in my house.

I've gotten lost going to the TO mall.

One time Megan and I set out to go to Hurricane Harbor, and ended up in Compton. Yes, 2 white girls in bathing suits driving through the streets of was an experience. Guess who was supposed to be navigating that trip?

Anyhow, I tried to help this lady at the gas station the best I could, but not sure I got her where she needed to go.

I mean I've only lived in Simi Valley for like 20 years, should I know where everything is at this point? I should have done her a favor and just told her that I'm not familiar with the area. I probably got her more lost than she already was.

When Jimmy and I went on vacation last year, we got terribly lost in Boston trying to drive to our hotel. I had mapped everything out to avoid issues, or so I thought. But the stupid city threw us a construction curve ball. Guess who was supposed to be navigating that trip too?

Maybe I should steer clear of navigating. I think the person driving would have better luck trying to drive and navigate at the same time.

Safe to say that Lewis and Clark would not have wanted me to come along on their expedition. Or they would have dumped me off somewhere at the first opportunity they got.

On a side note, I overslept on Thursday. Yes, I hit my snooze too many times. Instead of 2 times, I must have hit it like 5 times. When I sprung out of bed in a panic, I looked at Mitzie and she just laid there with an innocent look on her face. Maybe she has been reading my blog? I guess I do need her to wake me up every morning after all...


Scott & Audrey said...

Hahahaha.. I remember the compton story. That was great. I still can't figure out how you made it there. Oh and the snooze button thing, according to dr. oz that's a big no no. I can't do snooze. Scott can. He always sets a couple of alarms before he goes to work. I watch a lot of Dr. Oz since it's on twice a day and I have nothing better to do. Just say no to the snooze!

舔我 said...

來塊巧克力吧~~心情會好哦~~ ........................................