Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spell Check Spoiled

Writing in this blog has made me realize what an absolute horrible speller I am.

To my limited knowledge, there is no spell check feature in blogging. I know I could write my entries in Word first and spell check them there, but am too lazy to do that. So I am left to my own knowledge to help correct my many errors. So far, it has not worked so well. I can't even tell you how many typos/spelling errors I find in here as I read over my posts. I should start keep track, as it must be well within the high double digits. To make it even more disturbing, bad spellers are my pet peeve. I can't stand it when people can't spell simple words or use proper grammar.

What is the worst part about it is that I used to be an excellent speller. I even won a couple of in class spelling bees in Jr. High. So what happened to me?

I think a big part of my problem is typos rather than spelling. I'm just so used to typing something that slightly resembles a word and then having spell check fix it for me. I like to think that if I was handwriting this blog there wouldn't be so many errors, but I may be wrong.

I'm this way with my calculator too. I'm so dependent on it that I lost the ability to do simple arithmetic. If I have to do any kind of addition or subtraction that I can't do in my head within 2 seconds I reach for my trusty calculator.

I can't help but wonder what is next for humans to become co dependent on? There are so many things we used to do on our own that we now completely depend on a machine for.

On that note, I used my dishwasher for the first time last night and absolutely love it. My days of hand washing mountains of dishes are over! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh SO Excited!

Halloween is coming and I can't wait! I wake up each morning and countdown in my head until it's here. Based on my excitement you'd think I had some amazing plans for the day or something. Nope. I have absolutely no plans. I'm working during the day, and probably sitting at home during the night. I just get excited for holidays.

Jimmy's birthday is the next day, Nov 1st and I'm super excited for that too. Each day I tell Jimmy how many days left until his b-day. Frankly, he seems like he couldn't care less. I am most definately more excited for his b-day than he is.

I'm like this with every Holiday. Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Presidents day ( ok probably not Presidents day). I just get super excited, like a kid in a candy store. Christmas Eve I can't even sleep, I'm just too pumped. I wake up Christmas morning at like 6am and drag (literally) Jimmy out of bed to open presents. Anyone who knows him knows that this does not please him. But he is a trooper and gets up with me anyways. You'd think as I get older this excitement would die down, but so far it hasn't. And I honestly hope it never does. I think my sheer excitement over the small things adds to my appreciation of life.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, Again.

Is it just me or are Mondays a total nightmare? When my alarm goes off on Monday morning, this overwhelming dread comes over me. The way I feel you'd think I'm getting up to march off to my death rather than go to work. I consider myself a pretty optimistic person, but on Monday morning a black cloud hangs over my head.

I feel like I go to bed on Friday night and wake up on Monday morning and the whole weekend was a figment of my imagination. I remember back before I joined the corporate world and actually liked Mondays.

I don't think it helps that I have to get up and Jimmy is still tucked in bed next to me, snoozing away. In fact, I know it doesn't help. I see him all cozy and snug and I just curse my life!

This feeling goes away by lunch time on Monday. The rest of the week isn't so bad (usually) and my optimism returns.

The especially high level of Monday hatred I feel today is influenced by my less than fun weekend. Moving sucked big time. Thank you to all who helped us, I know it wasn't a whole lot of fun for you guys either. We really appreciate it! It amazed me that people who we hardly know sacrificed their Saturday morning to help carry heavy stuff. My allergies were in full affect on Saturday and I thought I was going to die like 3/4ths of the day. This weekend was not even close to resembling relaxing. I need another couple of days off to recover from my weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Movin' on Up!

We are moving and tomorrow is the big day! I'm not so excited about the moving part, but the there after will be so nice. We will have a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and the ability to fit more than 5 people in our house at the same time! The bedroom in the place we are in now could practically fit into the closet of our new bedroom!

I'm mostly excited about the washer and dryer part. Anyone who has had to deal with Laundry mats knows what I'm talking about. They suck big time and I'll be so happy to never have to go back to one!(knock on wood).

Our new place is not all roses and sunshine though. My commute to work will be a few minutes longer ( as if 45min wasn't long enough already). And, we will be living with Robbie! Ha ha totally just kidding Robbie! I'm excited to live with you (as long as you let me hold the remote when we watch TV)! We also have to move wards. I had my last young women's activity in the Simi Second Ward, and it made me really sad. At first my calling scared me big time, but now I really enjoy it. And I love my Mia Maids. They are really amazing girls and I love spending time with them.

I'm also getting sad about leaving our current place. As small as it is, it was still "ours" and we had a lot of good times there.

But all and all the pros out way the cons on this one. You can't beat your own washer and dyrer. Or dishwasher. Yay!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

" Hard" Hat

For anyone who read my previous post and thinks I am a serious and inteligent are about to think differently.

For my Halloween costume I bought a Hard Hat (I'm not telling you what I'm going to be, but if you can probably figure it out)

I got home last night, eager to see how ridiculous I was going to look in my new hat and started to assemble. Ok they don't require that much assembly, but you need to size the inside part and then attach it to the hat shell.

So I'm messing with it for a few minutes, trying to get the fitted part to click into the shell ( anyone who has actually worn a hard hat will know what I'm talking about)

A half an hour goes by and I've tried to get the adjustment to fit in the shell everyway possible, and still have had no success. It just wouldn't fit right. I read the instructions again and kept trying.

An hour goes by and I still can't get it to fit. What the heck? Either I'm super retarded or hard hats are a lot " harder " to assemble than they look. I assuming the retarded option. I must be missing something, but for the life of me I coudn't get it to work. I finally set the hat down, and tried to do something productive, like pack considering we are moving in 2 days. I packed for about 2 minutes and was back to the hat.

Adjusting, fiddling, cursing...well not really cursing ( out loud anyway)
Still! No luck. I finally admitted defeat. I'm hoping that my hat is faulty or something and that I'm not just seriously challenged. We'll find out when Jimmy gives it a go...

Hard Hat-1

Flipped Off, Yelled at and Boo'd

I know this topic is going to be a sort of serious one for a first post, but it's been on my mind since Saturday so I thought I'd get it off my chest.

For those of you who don't live in California, you are lucky! Well atleast in some sense. We have this huge Prop 8 debate going on right now ( Prop 8 would put an ammendment into the state constitution against gay marriage). Election day is right around the corner, and oh man will I be glad when this is over.

The LDS Church is taking an active part in making sure this Prop gets passed, so our ward has asked us repeatedly to help. They went walking door to door, are calling people, and most recently have been waving " Prop 8" signs on street corners.

I've managed to avoid taking part in all of this ( I'll explain why in a minute) until last weekend. Jimmy and I were asked to waive signs on the corner, and with no excuse coming to mind, I agreed.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am petrified of confrontation. Like to a fault. I will do just about anything to avoid upsetting someone. So for me to stand on a corner and waive a sign that would most definately upset people was not a pleasant thought.

So on Saturday afternoon Jimmy and I took to our corner, signs in hand. At first I thought "Wow this isn't that bad! It feels good to get involved" We had plenty of people honking and giving us thumbs up which was nice.

However, as our time on the corner progressed, we got a few more opposite reactions. People flipped us off, boo'd us, gaves us thumbs down, etc. So that wasn't too bad. Then, we had people start yelling at us as they drove by. I felt horribly uncomfortable, but held my sign up strong ( with the help of Jimmy's "subtle" encouragment). The whole experience was not all bad. It did feel good to offer some help in such an important issue.

But what people yelled at us really ruffled my feathers, and it still bothers me. We had more than a couple of people call us " Biggots". Biggots? Are you kidding me? I consider myself one the most un biggoted people I know. How dare someone who doesnt' know me at all call me such an offensive name.

I do realize that most people who want Prop 8 to pass are either
A. Christian or
B. Homophobes.

I hate the idea of beng rolled in with the Homophobes because I am by no means one. I guess people driving by have no way of identifying which group ( A or B) we belong to. But I think that is a piss poor excuse to shout offensive names at someone.

Further more, if I saw someone holding a " No on Prop 8" sign, I would never even dream of calling them names or flipping them off. Or boo'ing them. They have just as much right to hold thier sign as I do to hold mine.

So why are these people who are preaching " tolerance" so untolerant of others peacefully supporting thier cause?

I could probably just keep going on this one. As you can see, I don't take what people say to me lightly. I wish I could sometimes, but I'm a sensitive and emotional person.