Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flipped Off, Yelled at and Boo'd

I know this topic is going to be a sort of serious one for a first post, but it's been on my mind since Saturday so I thought I'd get it off my chest.

For those of you who don't live in California, you are lucky! Well atleast in some sense. We have this huge Prop 8 debate going on right now ( Prop 8 would put an ammendment into the state constitution against gay marriage). Election day is right around the corner, and oh man will I be glad when this is over.

The LDS Church is taking an active part in making sure this Prop gets passed, so our ward has asked us repeatedly to help. They went walking door to door, are calling people, and most recently have been waving " Prop 8" signs on street corners.

I've managed to avoid taking part in all of this ( I'll explain why in a minute) until last weekend. Jimmy and I were asked to waive signs on the corner, and with no excuse coming to mind, I agreed.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am petrified of confrontation. Like to a fault. I will do just about anything to avoid upsetting someone. So for me to stand on a corner and waive a sign that would most definately upset people was not a pleasant thought.

So on Saturday afternoon Jimmy and I took to our corner, signs in hand. At first I thought "Wow this isn't that bad! It feels good to get involved" We had plenty of people honking and giving us thumbs up which was nice.

However, as our time on the corner progressed, we got a few more opposite reactions. People flipped us off, boo'd us, gaves us thumbs down, etc. So that wasn't too bad. Then, we had people start yelling at us as they drove by. I felt horribly uncomfortable, but held my sign up strong ( with the help of Jimmy's "subtle" encouragment). The whole experience was not all bad. It did feel good to offer some help in such an important issue.

But what people yelled at us really ruffled my feathers, and it still bothers me. We had more than a couple of people call us " Biggots". Biggots? Are you kidding me? I consider myself one the most un biggoted people I know. How dare someone who doesnt' know me at all call me such an offensive name.

I do realize that most people who want Prop 8 to pass are either
A. Christian or
B. Homophobes.

I hate the idea of beng rolled in with the Homophobes because I am by no means one. I guess people driving by have no way of identifying which group ( A or B) we belong to. But I think that is a piss poor excuse to shout offensive names at someone.

Further more, if I saw someone holding a " No on Prop 8" sign, I would never even dream of calling them names or flipping them off. Or boo'ing them. They have just as much right to hold thier sign as I do to hold mine.

So why are these people who are preaching " tolerance" so untolerant of others peacefully supporting thier cause?

I could probably just keep going on this one. As you can see, I don't take what people say to me lightly. I wish I could sometimes, but I'm a sensitive and emotional person.


Megan said...

Yay for having a blog!!! I am SO excited. Another way to follow the life of Lizzy! I am so proud of you for taking part in supporting the sacred unit of the family. You were brave - I can't imagine what that was like. Again, another instance where you are such an example to me! (ps - can you take off your word verification for comments?)

Liz said...

Yay my 1st comment! Thanks Meg! I'd love to take of my word verification, if someone could just show me how...

Julia said...

for you having a blog from me too!! I can't promise I will check all too often, well probably check but not comment a whole lot, I have a hard nough time remembering to post my own entries!!

And a woo hoo to you for getting out and 'working the corner' Ü