Monday, January 30, 2012

Lucky Lady

Last weekend, Jimmy had Brynlee on Friday night because I had a school obligation. He watched Brynlee Saturday night because I went to the movies. He watched her allll day Sunday because I had a school obligation. On Sunday I was gone from sun up to sun down, I'm not exaggerating. What a guy! Brynlee is not the easiest to watch these days. She is such a rascal. But Jimmy watched her all weekend with no complaints. Did I mention that he works full time, goes to school 3 nights a week and worked on Saturday morning to get some much needed overtime?

Yeah. He is really considerate of me, and knows I need a break sometimes. I love my husband. On Sunday night he made dinner for me. I know spoiled much? Then we watched our shows together and had such a fun time. I'm so glad I'm married to someone that I love to spend time with. He makes me laugh so hard I want to cry sometimes. And I love him so much I want to cry sometimes when I think about how lucky I am to have landed such a catch. And that he is mine forever and ever and ever. I'm one lucky lady!

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