Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hey it's Thursday! And I'm thankful! Today, I'm thankful for my car. Oh Sophia. You've done me so proud. Bless that car's heart it is OLD. 12 years to be exact. And she is tired. Moving to Arizona has really aged her, and she is looking her years these days. We are currently using our garage as a workshop/storage, but I want to clear it out...ok have Jimmy clear it out ( I'm not meant for manual labor) so I can park in there during the summer. That'll give Sophia some rest from the blazing Arizona sun.

But, I'm thankful for my car none the less. It works. And that's all that I really need right now. Once we get rid of Jimmy's seemingly never ending car payment we can explore options of putting Sophia out to pasture. She has served her time. But she is in pretty decent shape all things considered and is still chugging along 12 years later. A lot of families have to survive with one car, which would be such a nightmare. So while she makes a funny noise sometimes when I start her, and the air conditioning is not the best ( which is really inconvenient right about now) I'm thankful for my car. Keep on dancing old gal, Mama loves you!

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Audrey Spence said...

Oh how I feel ya! I'm at 13 yrs and 195k! I pray every time I drive it that I will still get life out of that car until the dang hospital bills fade and we can look into something newer... and larger! Our cars are growing up! Haha!