Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jinx! You Owe me a Good Night's Sleep

So I totally jinxed myself. By talking about how great Claire is, and what a good sleeper she is. Well she is still great. Good sleeper however...not so much.

A switch flipped and suddenly she wants to eat every two and half hours. Not the end of the world during the day, but it is the end of the world at night. Ah! I'm tired. I'm hoping she is just going through a growth spurt and that this phase will not last long.

I forget how little she is. Not only is she not supposed to be sleeping through the night ( from an anatomical stand point) but it's nuts for me to expect her to. It's the hopes of a sleep deprived woman coming out, that's all. I would like to go back to waking up to feed her just once a night though.

I packed away all my newborn clothes, and it made me sad. I never thought I would be one of those, but it is really sad! If we decide to have another child, (please dear Lord let it be a boy otherwise Jimmy will go steal one) and it is a boy those newborn clothes won't be worn by one of my kids again.

Watching children grow up is such a mixed bag of emotions. It's exciting to see the new things they can do and to be able to stand by as they become little people. But it's sad to see the kids that they once were being left behind.

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