Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This weekend I had a lot to be happy about.

As promised, our 90 day 10% pay reduction was taken out of affect! Yay! There is no guarantee that it won't come back, but it's a huge relief to have things be back to normal.

My Birthday was on Sunday. I woke up and it was raining and freezing outside. Didn't we just have the first day of spring on 3/21?!

We had a bunch of family and friends over for dinner. It was typical Cuillard party. It was loud, it was crowded and it was chaotic. But all in all it ended up being pretty fun. Things didn't go exactly according to plan, but when do they ever? We ran out of something’s, had way to much of others and blew a few fuses (literally) in the process.

Yesterday I took a vacation day and man was I excited to not have to work! I slept in, I watched the food network while I got ready, and I took my time poking around the house. I went to the mall with some friends and we all spent way too much money, but had such a good time doing it.

Too bad every weekend isn't 3 days!

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Megan said...

Sounds like you had a happy birthday - what is better than spending way too much money?!! What did you get!!!