Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If Loving Bad TV is Wrong, I Don't want to be Right

As I was scrolling though the channels on my TV the other day saw a commercial for the premier of another Lifetime made for TV movie. Score! I clicked record and starting planning out when I would be able to sit and watch my movie.

Anyone who has seen Lifetime movies knows they are complete crap. The acting is terrible, the writing is awful and they are utterly predictable. Yet here I am excited about watching it.

I started thinking, and realized I've always had a soft spot for bad TV. Based on my excitement for Lifetime movies, it's clear I still have a soft spot. I watch The Hills, The City, the new 90210 and reruns of Family Matters to name a few. All of which are total junk. I can't plea the 5th and say I don't know it's junk. I know alright, I just like to watch it anyway.

I, along with the pre pubescent girls in America was super excited for the movie Twilight to come out. It came out on Saturday, and I've watched it 3 times already. Yes, 3. It's embarrassing really. I'm actually glad that Jimmy won't watch it with me because I know he would make fun of me endlessly for liking it. I remember after I saw it in the movie theater I left thinking “That movie was terrible, but I'll probably buy it anyways". And here I am (thank you Donna for buying it for me, as you can read it's getting it's use!).

So then I'm left wondering, why? Why do I waste my time watching such garbage?

I think it has to do with escaping reality. I'm watching stuff where the woman are always right, the biggest worries in life are what trendy restaurant to eat at and where hot men are chivalrous and do whatever you ask.

When it's put that way, what girl wouldn't want to escape to this place!


spencer said...

I feel the same about Twilight! I did get Spencer to watch it with me though...I told him he only had to watch it 1 time and couldn't make fun of it. I forewarned him that is was very cheesy etc. He had such low expectations for it that when he watched it with me he said it wasn't as bad as he was thinking it would be...maybe try that on Jimmy!

Megan said...

I may have to give it a try too - I am a fan of the super cheesy, horrible acting shows/movies. We need to have a girls night - I miss you!