Monday, March 30, 2009

What the Word Needs Now...

On Mondays I always dress nice for work. Nicer than most other days. I figure Mondays are bad enough as it is. Looking in the mirror and seeing that I look like crap doesn't make that any better!

So today, when I got to the office someone told me I look beautiful. Ok so it was my boss is who is a woman. But still, it was nice to hear.

I got to thinking how nice it is to receive a compliment. From anyone really. I hold no bias. There are those you can tell who are doing it just because they want something from you. Those types of compliments I don't enjoy (since what they are saying is probably all garbage anyways), but all others are fine by me.

I love complimenting people too. The look that people get when you tell them you like their shirt, or that their hair looks nice is priceless. So I give compliments freely. If I like something on someone, I'll tell them. It usually makes them happy, and makes me happy for making them happy. It's a win win situation.

Whenever Jimmy and I get in a fight I make us take turns telling each other things we like about the other person. Almost immediately the angry feelings go away.

I think the world could use more compliments. How can you not like someone who is saying nice things to you? Maybe I’ve discovered the key to world peace…

On a different topic, I've also discovered a perk of teaching sunbeams. They actually want to be around me. Yesterday, a couple of them were fighting over who got to sit next to me.

Hmm... This is new. The other primary class I taught was 7 year olds. They were too cool to want to have anything to do with me.

But these 3 year olds are desperate for my attention.

That is until 3 minutes into my lesson when they start wiggling and stop listening. Then they are still desperate, just to get out of church rather than be near me.

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