Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Traveling Pains

Who knew planning a trip could be so difficult?

Well, you'd think me considering that's what I do. But I'm used to planning trips for corporate travelers with company Amex cards. Trying to plan something for myself keeping in mind a tight budget and even tighter date parameters is proving to be pretty tough.

Jimmy and I are hoping to go to Cape Cod this year. I thought I had everything set, when I found out I couldn't go when I wanted due to work conflicts.

No problem, I re grouped with some new dates and found out that flights were more expensive on these dates. Bummer. Well as I'm still trying to lock things into place I find that the flight prices have gone up about $100 per ticket since Monday.

Jeesh! I guess I should have expected this since I tell people prices change all the time, but it would be nice it Travel Agents could be immune to such things. I mean we aren't leaving until July for goodness sake.

While on our trip, we are trying to plan a couple of things. One being a Red Sox game.

Last time we went back east, it happened to fall during a huge road trip. I really want Jimmy to experience going there; I think it would knock his socks off ( ok knock his red sox off ha ha). This time I find there is one game that we could squeeze in on the day of our arrival.

Other than that the seats are sold out or they are on the road.

So, we would get off the plane, grab our bags and a car and head over to Fenway. This is all after a 6 hour flight in which no meals are served that left LA at 7am.

When I went to look at tickets there were 2 seats left in the bleacher section for $26 per person. Perfect! I go to look now, about 10 min later and there is only standing room (seriously, you pay to stand in the park for 3 hours) for $25 per ticket.

Hmmm... Not too sure about that one. If I'm going to stand, it will be at a bar around the corner with decent priced food and air conditioning.

The system basically lets you hold tickets for 1 minute before it puts them back out there, so I have to keep trying to see if anything other than standing room opens up.

Then I'm thinking we could go to Martha's Vineyard while we are back there. There are ferries that take you over, but they have nice summer prices of about $60 roundtrip per person. I tell this price to my husband who then laughs and says we should just swim over there rather than pay that much.

I'm not the strongest swimmer (or really one at all considering I doggy paddle rather than swim) and don't exactly want to get hit by a whaling ship or something. But it does seem outrageous to pay that much to be taken to somewhere 8 miles away.

Who knows what we will end up doing, at this point simply sitting on the beach sounds like a good time!

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