Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Only My Husband

Monday was Jimmy's first day back to school after spring break. He has a class where they have to run the mile each week, and try to improve upon their time. They normally run on Tuesdays.

Well for some reason this week the teacher had them run on Monday. Jimmy was not prepared for this, therefore not dressed appropriately. He was wearing sneakers, but not the right kind of sneakers.

If I was faced with this situation I would do one of a couple of things. I would likely just not run. I’d tell the teacher the situation and sit this week out. Or I might try to run in my faulty shoes, and just muddle through it.

Well not Jimmy. He did not want to sit the run out. And he didn't want to finish in a longer time than his previous weeks.

So he decided to run the mile in his socks. Yes, his socks. When he told me this I thought he was joking. Nope, he was serious.

Not only did he run in his socks, he beat his previous week's times, and beat out a few fellow runners who normally beat him in the process.

Every time I think about him running around the track in his socks it cracks me up. But I can't help but admire him at the same time. He is not one to give up easily. I never would have thought to just run in my socks. And even if I did think of it, I certainly never would have actually done it!

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Jody C. said...

that another reason why i love Jimmy! he never gives up. way to go Jim