Friday, April 3, 2009

UPS and the Random Address

I've pretty much lost all faith in UPS. I've never had a problem with them before, but I'll tell you about 2 unrelated instances that make me think they have monkeys working over there.

I always get a package from my Grandma for my Birthday. She hadn't missed one in 24 years. So when 25 rolled around and I hadn't heard from her I was surprised. She called me and left me a message saying she hoped I enjoyed the present she sent. Present? I didn't get a present.

So I called her and we discovered that when she mailed my package, she left of my Unit number. An easily made mistake. So I figured my package was sitting at the post office or something. I called the post office, and they hadn't seen it.

I called the store and discovered that when UPS tried to deliver it and realized they had no Unit number, they re routed the package to a completely different place. I'm 402 Country Club Drive, Unit E and they sent it to 202 Country Club Drive Apt 4. Huh????

Ok so those addresses have some of the same numbers, but we aren't even in the same complex. They just picked an address that sounded similar and left it there? I went over to 202 Country Club drive, and they weren't home. Who gets a package that is addressed to someone else at a completely different address and keeps it?

Then, yesterday discovered something similar happened to him with a book he was waiting for. The eBay seller left off the Unit number, and UPS brought it over to 202 Country Club Dr. So Jimmy went over there last night, and they still weren't home.

Now they've gotten 2 packages, not addressed to their address or their name. And according to UPS have kept both of them. Maybe they can't read? And were pleasantly surprised by a necklace and exercise book?

One thing is for sure, make sure you get insurance when you send things UPS!

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