Monday, March 16, 2009

Branching Out

I'm not an explorative eater.

At the deli by my work I get an Italian sandwich, with just meat, cheese and bread. The deli man calls it “plain and boring".

Ethnic found wise, Americanized tacos or Chinese food is about as crazy as I get. I never go to places that don't have cheeseburgers or a deep fat fryer on hand.

So the other night I went to dinner with some friends. They said the name of the restaurant, and it was some little place I've never heard of. When I got there come to find out it was Salvadorian food. Hmmm... Is that like Mexican food?

Everyone there was getting these things called pupusas. It’s like a quesadilla but you put this cabbage stuff on top of it and drizzle some strange sauce on top of that. I was way out of my element there, but thought I'd get crazy and live a litte. I tried the pupusas. Well, I didn't like it too much. But I tried it, and that is saying something (ask my parents, they'll tell you).

Today, I thought I'd get crazy again and tried a corned beef sandwich for lunch, in honor of St. Patrick's Day coming up and all. I have a co worker who used to live in Ireland, and she told me how to order it. Well it was actually really good!

Now I'm not going to get crazy with weird foods, but I'm feeling empowered by my recent ethnic food exploration. Does anyone have a particular type of food they like and would recommend?

I'm not looking to eat lamb, or duck heads anything but am curious as to what those adventurous people out there eat.


Heather and Spencer said...

We went to lunch at a Brazilian BBQ place in Glendale with some friends...oh it was so yummy! As long as it is not seafood, I am usually willing to try new foods!
I love sandwiches with lots of veggies on are missing out!

redstarmama said...

Ooh, Brazilian is really good. Try Thai. It's kinds like Chinese, but still something new. Or try Greek. It has a lot of fresh flavors, good sauces and tasty meatballs.

I hope you don't mind my commenting on your blog, Liz. I found you through Robbie and Megan Osmun, and I enjoy your thoughts. ; )

Scott & Audrey said...

Oh I love Brazilian grills. There is a good one out here that I love. I won't try exotic meats but I'm all over the veggie kinda stuff. I wish I could think of anything specifically... you should go to Daphne's. It's greek and I LOVE their veggie platter. So yummy, you get pita bread, tzatski (sp?) sauce (cucumber sauce), dolmathes (rice wrapped in grape leaves), falafel (some kinda fried bread stuff) and spanakopita i think.. bascially like feta, rice and spinach in fried filo dough. By the way the house behind me is still for sale.... :)