Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Turning Back

I woke up early yesterday and cleared out some of my work. I got Brynlee dressed, and brought her to day care. Then I made my way over to the cosmetology school. Yesterday was the day of the cosmetology school lottery.

I was feeling pretty optimistic as I drove over there. I had plenty of time, which is good because I went to the wrong place...

But I eventually found the right place. It was about 8:10, and the lottery would start at 8:30. I walked into the room, and it was packed! My heart sank. I counted 17 people. Ok well there can be 20,so I was ok. And then more and more people just kept pouring in.

When the instructor walked in, she commented on what big group we had. Oh good. She took a count. 29 people. My mind started racing. 9 people would not get in. What if I was one of those 9? What was I going to do?

They decided to go over the program details before they did the lottery. That way if there was something that someone didn't like, they would not register and take up a spot. As they were going over details, I kept thinking about what I could do. I couldn't come up with any idea that fit right.

After they went over the syllabus, it seemed like the instructors just kept droning on and on. I was dying! Can we just get this over already? If my lottery number did not get picked, I would not need to know any of these minute details.

The instructor asked if it sounded like she was stalling. We all nodded our heads. She said she was stalling because they had decided to let us ALL in, and that someone was bringing more forms from the office.

Ok so this will be no surprise, but I might have cried a little when she said that. Curse these emotions that I have! But I was so relieved, I can't even tell you. As I said before, I have NO back up plan. There is no plan B. Just plan A. And up until that point, plan A was not looking so good. I guess I was the only one so emotionally touched, because I was the only one tearing up. Maybe everyone else does not have as much riding on this as I do.

So, I registered. They so kindly stamped a big red "No Refunds" on my receipt after I paid my first installment. Meaning, no turning back now. No mind changing, no delaying, no procrastinating. I'm all in now. Unless I want to lose my deposit...which believe me I don't.

I'm officially in Cosmetology school. I think about what led me to this and it boggles my mind. I wonder if I didn't have this blog if I would have ever had the courage to do this. Probably not. It is quite a change. But I'm hoping in will be a good one. Sept 13th is my first day. Cosmetology school, here I come!


racheyroy said...

I am so excited things are working for you so far! And, being someone who worked around A LOT of people in hair school for a while you probably do have more riding on it. However, that will also make you more likely to succeed. So many girls just do it because they do not want to go to school. They ditch class and then graduate and cannot make it because they did not have the desire to learn.

Your drive and determination and desire are what will make you in that business. You probably deserved to get in there more than most of those girls. Good for you!

Audrey Spence said...

You're gonna have so much fun! All the things you'll get to learn about hair. All the scientific stuff and about chemicals and how they work. It's really interesting. Chloe explains stuff to me all the time about how the dyes work and all that stuff. It's really interesting. Stuff you don't think about when you're getting your hair done. Plus you've already had some experience. You can talk about the awesome job you and Meg did on my hair for my wedding. And all the times I'd have you do my hair for dances. I always knew that one day this would be your destiny! Plus think of all the sweet products you can get for your hair now at a much cheaper cost! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear about your adventures. You better post a ton about how its going!