Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Required Watching

Jimmy started school this week. So now, on Monday and Wednesday nights it's just Brynlee and I. Until she goes to bed, and then it's just I. :)

I set out last night to do some reading. But thought I'd channel surf a bit to make sure I wasn't missing any great TV. I wasn't. I cannot wait for fall for TV shows to start up again. Even Jeopardy! is repeats. Anyhow, I was surfing along and there it was. This movie:

Score!!! I actually own it. But yet whenever it's on TV, I have to watch it. It's like a requirement. Jimmy usually gives me a hard time about watching it over and over. But Jimmy was not home, so I was able to watch duress free. I do this with the movie Titanic too. I'm not sure why, because I didn't even like that movie that much. But whenever it's on, I have to watch it. Even if I just watched it yesterday. And I can only watch the first 1/2 because then it gets too sad.

But back to Jurassic Park. I remember the first time I saw this movie. I was in 3rd grade and going to a private school. Our class took a field trip to Universal Studios to see this movie on the big screen. I had to sit by my teacher, and had my head in my chair about 2/3rds of the time. Yes, I was the only kid who had to sit by my teacher. Hey I don't do scary very well!

But, I loved this movie. I saw it again in the theaters with my parents, and actually watched most of it. It wasn't as bad when you knew what was coming. I had Jurassic Park stickers, I had a Jurassic Park T shirt. I think I even had a Jurassic Park lunch box.

I'd always loved dinosaurs, but for some reason this movie where the dinosaurs get free and eat people cemented my love affair with them. Except with the Velociraptors because those really freaked me out. I definitely had a few nightmares about that kitchen scene.

I still love dinosaurs now. I love learning about them, and theorizing about them. I really hope one day I find out what happened to all of them. Otherwise I'm going to be really bummed out.

Of course I had to see Jurassic Park 2,3,4 ( is there a 4? I can't remember). None were even close to being as good as the first.

So, I watched last night in awe as always of this movie. In my opinion, this is Spielberg's best work. Too bad they don't make movies like this one anymore!

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Audrey Spence said...

It's funny how some movies you just can't pass up on tv. While stuck at the cabin this weekend waiting for my car we got to see Nacho Libre (which we had already watched 1 1/2 times that weekend... Charlotte loves it), Napoleon Dynamite, and Tommy Boy. I think Titanic was on too but yeah... that won't fly with Scott. He hates Leo. I got hooked on dinos too from Jurassic park. I think my parents still might have the old bed sheets floating around somewhere. Pretty sure my lunch box got thrown away a long time ago but man... dinosaurs were the fad! So glad we have a ton of cool dinosaur stuff up here. I really wanna head to the CO border to the dino park sometime. I haven't been there in years but its really cool!