Monday, August 1, 2011

Church With a 14 Month Old

Remember the days when I used to go to church and be able to enjoy it? I would sit in peace and quiet. Listening to speakers, paying attention to lessons...or just zoning out (hey I'm not perfect here). Remember those days? No, me neither. Because it seems like it's been forever since I've had them. Well I guess 14 months to be exact.

Brynlee is in the final stretch, just 4 more months and then she can go to nursery. Yay!!!!!!! I don't think anyone is more excited about this than my husband as he usually tends to the wild baby beast during church since I'm teaching 1 of the hours.

But these next 4 months will be tough. Brynlee now runs, and runs and runs. Runs around the building, runs into places she is not supposed to go. Our church services are 3 hours if you didn't know. Yeah. That is a long time to try to corral a baby. If we keep her in the building, she screams and squeals. If we take her outside, she dashes for the street. Over and over again. Not sure what this kid's fascination with the street is, but it's scary.

So yesterday during sacrament (or the 1st hour of our church) we followed some other people with a toddler to the nursery room. No one was in there yet. But it was filled with toys and goodies and tons of tiny tot entertainment. Brynlee played in there with the other little boy for a while. I went off to teach my class and left Jimmy to deal with the tiny firecracker known as our child.

As a note to my non LDS readers, children 18 months to 3 years old go into Nursery during 2 of the 3 hours of church. There they play and do fun kid stuff, all while learning to sit in a classroom setting and behave with other kids.

As I'm trying to coral my 12/13/14 year olds into my class room (I had 15 kids this week... yes I'm serious) I saw Jimmy walking happily towards me with no baby. He told me the Nursery leader said Brynlee could stay in the Nursery with the bigger kids this week. Jimmy looked like a kid in a candy store!

They said Brynlee did really well. I figured she would, she does go to day care and all. I don't think the nursery leaders want to make this an every Sunday occurrence though. So next week we'll be back to playing chase the baby around the church building. But we got a sweet taste of what we are in for 4 months from now. I think I'll start a countdown. Only 13 more Sundays to go!

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Heather and Spencer said...

I know all too well how you feel! With Ryan walking so young, it was a nightmare to be in class, let alone in church at all with him before he hit the wonderful age of 18 months! I think I only lasted about 3 months with him walking before I went in and sat with him in the nursery at 12 months. Our nursery leaders were fine with him being in there if I was (occasionally without me too). I am sure yours would be more than happy to let Brynlee stay in there if one of you are with her. Hope these next 4 months go fast!!!