Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dance Party

I've waited for this time, for a long time. Brynlee and I started having dance parties, and I love them. When she was born I remember thinking we would do this together.

Thanks to her Cuillard genes she has some pretty sweet moves...oh boy. She dances like a nut. But so do I, so it's ok. :) If I start clapping along with the music she will clap with me. Then she will start rocking out. It is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I think she prefers hip hop to dance to. Then again who doesn't?

I love these times. The times when we can just have fun together. When I'm not rushing to go somewhere and we are not in a time crunch. Times when we can just be. I don't feel like I have too many of those, and it's frustrating. I'm hoping my up coming life changes will give me more. We'll have to see.

As we were dancing and cleaning on Saturday (ok I was cleaning, Brynlee was un doing my cleaning) I remember thinking this is it. This is why people have children. Times like these. Not that I don't always know why people have children...what with the baby attitude and the teething and the getting up at 7am everyday.

Brynlee is at a tough age right now, but it's a fun age. She has started throwing tantrums and is quite the little tyrant. If she doesn't get what she wants, we all pay. Even the neighbors pay I'm sure!

While my day care was closed a few weeks ago I had my friend come watch Brynlee so I could work. I think she thought she was in for a fun and easy day... she learned otherwise quickly. Exhausting doesn't even cover what this little girl can be sometimes. By the end of the day my friend was ready to fall over, and now fully understands why I'm usually in bed by 9pm.

But she is oh so rewarding. She has learned to blow kisses now, and it's so cute I could just die. Still not too many words. "ah-da" is her favorite thing to say. When we walk and get to a step she is so funny. She will grab my hand, inch her way to the step and then stop. She then swings up her baby leg as far as it can go onto the step, and grunts as I help her up. She is a hoot.

I'm grateful for our dance party time this weekend. And can't wait to have many more!

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Julia Everts said...

This sounds exactly like someone else i know...Kenna! It must be the age. Dance parties at our house happen almost daily and her latest favorite dance move is fist pumping. Teach it to Brynlee, it's amazing and HILARIOUS! I'm starting to wonder how some couples can have like 8-12 kids. And like you said, people that don't have kids, wonder why we are always so tired..sigh. So worth it though! Bring on #3! Lol.