Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inherited Traits

Sometimes I ponder on how children are made. Ok not the actual process...dirty minds out there. But how a bunch of genes come together and out pops a kid! It's nuts. A little of me, a little of Jimmy and you get Brynlee.

She has Jimmy's eyes. And I love that. He has amazing eyes. I'm excited she got those.

But she has this of mine-

Yep. That is some curly hair! Jimmy's hair is straight, straight straight. So we were not sure which way she would go. I guess she came over to the curly side of things. Oh boy. I HATED my hair when I was younger. All I wanted was to look like everyone else. And everyone else seemed to have straight hair. But now I kind of like my curly hair. It sets me a apart from others. And after all, to quote BSB "what makes you different makes you beautiful" right? Right!

This, she got from her dad-

The crazy sleeping continues. All that room, and she ends up wedged in the corner.

This is probably from me-

She leaves her stuff everywhere! I MIGHT do that... I thought this was funny though. She set her shoes up just like this.

I love watching her grow, and become more like a person. When you tell her "night night" she blows you kisses. And she will actually sort of fetch stuff. We are still working on the whole putting stuff back idea. Since she is my child, that will be a life long battle since I don't put things away very well either.

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Audrey Spence said...

Her curly hair is so cute! I sometimes wish Charlotte's was curly and then I think... oh wait... as soon as she hits puberty it'll probably go all wavy weird like mine did and if she wants it curly I'll just have to curl it. Kind of makes me laugh... thinking all the things I hated so long and now have learned to live with and my kids will probably go through the same...welcome to life! Never satisfied! Hey, just like your other post!