Thursday, August 11, 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

My parents read to me every night before I went to bed when I was little. Maybe that is where my love affair with books began. I loved Dr Seuss books. I think my favorite was " Are you My Mother?". I tried reading that to Brynlee the other day. While she was less than enthused, I just kept cracking up. Still, 25 years later that book makes me laugh. Or "Fox in Sox". I remember asking my Dad to read that book to my every night for like a month straight.

I still remember these books, and they bring a smile to my face when I think about them. But there was one book in particular that still has a profound affect on me today.

If you haven't read it, I insist you go to the library right now. While this is obviously a children's book the message it brings is for people of all ages.

We (or maybe just me?) are never really satisfied. Example- I had a day off from work, I want another one now. I skipped my pilates class, now I want to skip again. I ate Mc Donald's for lunch yesterday, now I want it again tomorrow. I can never just take a treat for what it is. A special, one time thing. I get a cookie, and I want some milk to go with it.

I find this in my job all the time. You do something for someone once, and then they expect you to do it again, and then some. I guess this is just human nature. And that is part of our journey here. To appreciate what we have, and not always be asking for more.

I'm realizing this more and more with Brynlee as well. It's strange trying to mold someone's personality. In her case though, she doesn't understand why she can't have the whole cooking, the milk, the house etc. I mean she is pretty cute. Isn't that all she needs to do to get what she wants? Be cute? No, it's not? Oh boy, I guess she has some more learning to do.

I quote this book all the time. I'm sure people who have not read it think I'm crazy. Maybe I should carry copies around and give them to people who have no idea what I'm talking about. Not that it will change anything. I've read the book a dozen times and I still always want more!


Megan said...

Bry and I have discussed this many times. We have this book, as well as "If you give a moose a muffin" and "If you give a pig a pancake" Bry hates these books.... I think they are cute for what they are, but not the best message to send to our kids, right?! Oh how I miss you -

Audrey Spence said...

Hahaha... as I read this Charlotte pointed to the picture and said "Charlotte's." Of course she is the only one in the world who owns this book. We also have "If you give a pig a party." Quite true how real life is though. We actually kind of talked about this in our Sunday school class today. Talking about Paul teaching the Athenian's and how the only reason they decided to hear him out was because they were obsessed with all things new. They were always looking for a new philosophy and way of life. When he bore his testimony to them it was unlike anything they had ever heard so they listened but after hearing what he had to say they either mocked him or said that they wanted to hear more but were never truly satisfied. So interesting. Apparently nothing has changed the last couple thousand years :)