Sunday, September 25, 2011

The First of Many

We did our first hair cuts last week! On doll heads that is...

Remember when I said I have this habit of thinking that I'm going to be a natural and great at everything? Then when I try it and I suck I'm confused. Yeah.

My first hair cut went really well. It was a blunt cut, which is really easy in the realm of hair cuts. Then we had to do a 45 degree cut, which I had some trouble with but it wasn't too bad. On Friday we had to do a 90 degree hair cut, and disaster struck. Man it was bad. I was not the only one with a butchered doll head. But good grief. I can see why we practice cutting on doll heads! It was my first time, so I'm sure I'll get better. But as usual, I found myself disappointed in my performance. In my head I was going to be a natural at this because I like it. I really need to throw that way of thinking out the window.

I fixed up my poor butchered doll, so she doesn't look so bad now. But lets just say it will be a while before I start cutting any human hair, believe you me.

We had our first test last week too. I studied really really heard. I had Jimmy quiz me over and over again. And it paid off, because I got a 105%. Yep, 105%! I got all the questions right, and even earned some extra points! Wooo hooo! I'm sticking my test on my fridge. Yes I'm serious.

Some cracks are starting to show up in the friendship armor of my class. 27 girls all closed in together had to equal trouble. Nothing really bad yet, but gossip is starting to go around and you can tell there are some people that are starting to irritate others. It's going to be a looong few months of us all being stuck together if things continue this way. I'm doing my best to stay out of it. I'm 27, like I need to get wrapped up in he said she said drama.

I got to go to a wedding last night on the Queen Mary. It was soooo much fun. I loved it there! It looks like the Titanic right? And I'm obsessed with the Titanic. I want to go back there and just walk around the ship all day. It's supposed to be haunted, and I can see why. It was kinda creepy in certain areas.

Brynlee finally says "Mama" with some regularity now. It makes me really happy. I'm enjoying the extra time I get to spend with her these days. Most of the time. The other times she is in time out because she is being naughty and not listening. She is fearless. She must get that from her Dad. She is stubborn too...I hope she grows out of that. Otherwise we are going to have some serious trouble with her when she gets older. She is pretty funny though. She can now show you "1" when you ask her how old she is. And she can show you where her mouth, nose and ears are. If you ask her enough times she will show you where her belly button is too.

She has got teeth coming in like crazy. All over her mouth. I figured that would happen because up until 1 month ago she only had 2 teeth. Now they are all coming! But that opens up her eating choices because she can actually chew things now. Although her favorite things are still cookies, and anything anyone else is eating :)


Audrey Spence said...

Chloe says she hates the mannequins to cut. She says normal hair is a lot easier and feels so much better. Whenever she touches my hair she always tells me how much she loves it even though the mannequin hair is real. It's just not the same. So I'm sure you'll do better with real hair. She's found that she does. And I love the Queen Mary! My parents used to take me there and over to Ports 'o' call that's right by there. Love Long Beach!

Heather and Spencer said...

I love that you are putting your test up on the fridge! Good job!