Monday, July 14, 2014

Doctor Doom

Claire had her 4 month old check up today. I was scheduling Claire's appointments for when Brynlee was in preschool but since it's summer off we all went. I swear Dr's offices must get their kicks from making people with young kids wait. You'd think they would want us out of there ASAP as a certain 4 year old was running a muck. But nope. We waited. And waited. Finally they called us back to the room, where we proceeded to wait some more.

Brynlee proceeded to wreak havoc on that room as Claire got fussier and fussier. I would have pacified her with her pacifier but that didn't make it into the car apparently. The Dr finally came in. Claire looks, average. Average I said? She has rolls on her rolls! But nope, 50th percentile for height and weight. The best part is, her lumpy head is looking much better! Pretty sure no helmet will be needed, yay! Although then it was time for shots. The Dr left and we waited for the nurse. And waited, and waited. I kept popping out of the office to make sure they didn't forget about us in there. I went to feed Claire and realized I managed to bring a bottle but no formula. I did not do a great job of packing the diaper bag apparently. Why did I give up breastfeeding again? Nothing like giving shots to an already grumpy baby. Brynlee continued to touch everything possible and speak at a loud volume only appropriate for outdoor sporting events. Claire fussed and fussed. I wanted to pull my hair out of my head. I was just about to say peace out, we'll come back later when the nurse arrived.

4 shots in chunky thighs later, I drug my 2 crying kids ( Brynlee was now crying because she fell off the stool I told her to stay off in the first place) out to the 100 degree car. I needed a really really really BIG diet coke. And a lobotomy. And a hysterectomy.

But we made it out to the car in 1 piece. I thought about how hard this was with just 2 kids...I picture my mother in law with 7 and the image is laughable. I decided Brynlee will not be attending any more dr appts unless they are for her. I'll find a neighbor or someone to watch her. I'll pay someone to watch her to not have to experience that again. Some kids sit quietly and read a book or play with a toy. But that is not my child. I told Jimmy what happened and his reaction was " So Brynlee was acting normally". Yep, pretty much. I'm not sure why I expected any different.

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Audrey Spence said...

Hahaha! Been there and done that! Isn't it fun? So not! Luckily my dr is pretty good about moving people fairly quickly through. I also always go for the 9am first appt of the day to make sure there is nobody ahead of me. Now that Charlotte is a little older its better but of course I don't have as many appts now! Go figure :)